Sunday, May 15, 2011

A little bit of our suburban gardening...

Well, if you've ever been to our home (either in CO or NC) you know that we have quite a few plants.  Most of them are indoor plants, especially in the winter, but I really enjoy getting some flowers out for the spring/summer!  

So today we stopped at good ol' wally world to pick up a few things on our way home from Church.  These turquoise pots were super reasonable (only $1 for the 4" smaller ones and $2 for the 8" bigger one--and they had even bigger ones for $3 and $4...).  Since I love turquoise and these were such a great deal I had to jump at the opportunity.  (Well, not literally jump because I injured my neck a few days ago and have been in a cervical collar per Dr's orders for the last 3 days...)  

Anyway, I just went with some classic petunias and inpatients to fill the pots and I think they turned out really well!  To be honest though, my sweet, darling, helpful hubby planted them for me.  Sweet huh?  I like the way our front door now has several things of varying shades of what if they don't all match perfectly?  They make me happy! :)

 While we were at the store we also picked up an "Early Girl" tomato plant for our Topsy Turvy, and J got that set up nicely this afternoon too.  I can't wait for some of our own yummy tomatoes!!!  :)
We hope this Sunday is treating you all well!!  We are so thankful for this great country in which we are blessed to live.  We are also so blessed by our families and friends.  Thanks for being so great!  :)  We love you!

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