Wednesday, May 25, 2011

From my toes

Well, I believe this is the first time in over a quarter century that I have painted my nails something other than pink.  I always pick a new shade of pink every spring/summer, but it's always some variation of pink.  Be it light pink, dark pink, magenta (which if getting on the more purple side... but still basically pink), etc....

I couldn't help but notice all the new vivid, and actually almost fluorescent shades of polish out this year.  So...I gave in today while I was picking up some things at Target.  I picked up some new polish that's actually orange...  random as it may sound, I think I like it though!  It's not super fluorescent or anything like that at all, but it's a vivid deep orange with some hints of red.  It's called "Times Square Tangerine Creme" and is by NYC.  Just took off my pink polish and replaced it with this new one....guess we'll see how I think it goes with my sandals and all too...  :)

What color(s) do you paint your toes?


  1. I got shy about my toes...maybe I will just have to take one anyway... :)