Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

My Mom and I also go to visit several stores while we were in the Outer Banks and we got some neat souvenirs.  I picked up the rest of the Outer Banks little Cookbooks.  (I'd gotten #3 last year so now I have 1, 2 and 3!)   And I also got a cool sea shell wind chime, as well as some postcards shirts etc.  :)

After Bodie Lighthouse we drove down to Hatteras Island to see Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.  My Mom informed me that Cape Hatteras Light, is often considered "America's Lighthouse" so it's really cool we got to see it!  Here she is: 
 So strikingly beautiful huh?  Like a big, giant barber pole guiding ships to safety.  :)  I think the biggest shock to me though...was....
The base.  This time not just its massive size, but the fact that was so fancy and red.  Interesting huh?
In 1999, they had to move the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse about 3500' inland because so much of the beach had basically eroded away.  So now there is this memorial for all the lighthouse keepers made from stones from the original base, where the massive lighthouse used to stand.  You can see the memorial in the foreground and the lighthouse in the background.  Neat huh?

Well, after we saw Hatteras Light we made a loop around the rest of the island and then headed back to the Triangle.   We had a great time and covered a lot of ground.  It was such a special time to spend exploring OBX and hanging with my Mom!  Thanks for taking the trek with me Mom!!  It was a blast! :)

We stopped at Mackey's Ferry Peanuts--home of the famous "boiled peanuts" on the way home.  I picked some up for J (and stuck them in the cooler), and also got some roasted peanuts.  It was a very cool store and they have a lot of produced in NC stuff there.  And I found out they sell their stuff at the State Farmer's Market in Raleigh, so we can get more!  :)

Then we drove the rest of the way back to my home and got in pretty late.  Oh, while we were in Nags Head back on the OBX we got some fudge from a Fudgery.  Their fudge is awesome, and the employee was very shamelessly singing almost the entire time we were in there....awkward...but humorus.  :)

Thanks again Mom for the visit and for a great trip just before my bday!!!! :)  Love ya!!!


  1. I am totally loving all of your pics!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm so glad we had a chance to visit the Outer Banks - and having out little Girls' Days Out was even more fun!!! Love you!!