Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baltimore/DC Trip: DC Part V

After the Jefferson Memorial we headed back to the National Mall strip to walk down to the Capitol.  We picked up a snack on the way at one of the kiosks, and J got a hot dog and I got some M&Ms and a Lemon Italian Ice.  I think his dog was pretty good and my Italian Ice was just great--and just what I needed for a little energy boost in the afternoon!  :)  On our walk to the US Capitol Building we came across this:
 Which was cool.  We knew that Dr. MLK Jr. made his famous speech on this very National Mall years ago, but it was cool to see this plaque for him.
 Then we got some free apples from local farmers, promoting buying locally.  These apples were huge and just delicious! :)  (Haha, literally, they were Golden Delicious!)
 Then we could really start seeing the Capitol.  It's enormous!  Seriously, just massive...and amazing!
 Getting closer...
 Some of the statues near the Capitol.
 A better view, but those silly trees are still blocking the view!  :)
 Just in front of the US Capitol.  Yep, pretty amazing.  And it was a Saturday we were here and it seemed as if they may have even been in session.  So, yep.  It was cool!  :)  And huge.  Did I mention that?  It's HUGE!  And pretty!

After the Capitol, we headed to the National Archives.  You may (or may not) know just what that is.  It was featured in a certain movie in the last 10 years with a treasure map...ringing any bells yet?  Yep, it's in National Treasure, and the National Archives just so happen to be the place where the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and Constitution are located!!  Cool huh?  So we ventured over there and had to stand in a line for about 20 minuets just to get in the building (there's quite a bit of security for obvious reasons).

Then got to see some neat things on the way to the line for the three main documents.  Even though it did take some time, it was totally worth it!  I can hardly believe we've actually seen the original documents that founded this country and give us our rights, etc!  Talk about surreal.  The presentation of the documents was really cool too, and educational! :)

After we saw those, we still had some daylight left so we headed over to the Air and Space Smithsonian Museum. (Pictured below)  It was set up really cool and we got to see some things from space, and also tribute to WW1, WW2, The Wright Bros and more!  :)

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