Sunday, May 15, 2011

Baltimore/DC Trip: DC Part III

In the distance you can see the Lincoln Memorial, while in the foreground you can see what used to be the reflecting pool.  They are currently reconstructing it...
 The Lincoln Memorial.  Yet another almost surreal part of our trip.  It's just so picturesque and such a statement for what President Lincoln stood for.
 It's just as remarkable inside, complete with columns, his writings on the walls and this large statue of the man himself.  Look at that detail.  My camera even detected the face on it--that definitely says something about how great this piece of artwork is!
 On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial you get a great view of the Washington Monument and what would be the reflecting pool.  :)  I suppose it's pretty cool we got to see it under construction though.
 A glimpse of their plans for the reconstruction...
 After the Lincoln Memorial we went on to the Vietnam Memorial Wall.  Here's a pic of it.  Although it was pretty hard to capture.  It's kind of like a really pretty retaining wall, and since it's so massive and was hard to take pics of.  
 While we were walking around it we saw this Park Ranger rubbing a name on a special memorial paper.  Must have been for the person's family.  
That made it a little more real.  (Not that seeing those thousands of names of soldiers lost didn't already make it lost anyway...)  What a great country in which we live, that so many are willing to fight (and die) to ensure our safety and freedom.  

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