Saturday, May 14, 2011

Baltimore/DC Trip: DC Part II

From the White House we could see the Washington Monument which was the next thing to see on our list!  So we walked over there.  It's even more awesome in person than in photos.  You can see the line of where the bottom marble is from CO and the top part isn't.  It's easier to see in person than in this photo though...
 We weren't able to ride to the top of the monument because you apparently have to get tickets online (they are free though) a few weeks ahead.  But it's all good, we still got to see the monument and all the rest of the sights we wanted to see!  :)
 This is one view of the World War 2 Memorial that is between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall.  There is one pillar with a wreath for each state, with fountains in the center.
 Another view of the WW2 Memorial with the Washington Monument in the background, adove and below.
In the pic above you can see all the people on the other side of the fountains, they are actually (mostly) WW2 Vets.  They had a big get together with a band and everything while we were there.  Isn't that pretty cool?  It was pretty incredible to be standing among war heroes, amongst these monuments/memorials.  What a great country in which we live!  God bless the USA!  :)

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