Friday, May 13, 2011

Baltimore/DC Trip: DC Part I

We headed down to DC on Friday, and ate dinner with some friends in a suburb of Baltimore on the way.   J was in their wedding about 4 years ago, and it was my first time meeting them.   It was nice to see some friends from CO!  

We got down to our hotel in the evening and it was in Crystal City in Arlington.  I would highly recommend this area for staying in the DC area, btw!  Our hotel had a shuttle to the Metro (subway) Station and it was a quick ride into DC.  When we got to DC there were several places we could have gotten off to get to where we were going but we chose the Federal Station so we could get to the White House first and then on to the Monuments, etc.  :)  
 This was one of the first buildings we saw when we got off the Metro.  Isn't it just lovely?  Made me fall in love with this city....  It's part of the World Trade Center in DC.
 This is the Department of the Treasury building.  Also love it...  Then we had to walk a couple of blocks to see the North side of the White House!  I was SO excited to see everything in DC but especially the White House!  You know, it's just something about it being the residence of SO many wonderful men in our Nation's history that makes it just awesome!  I'd waited 27 years to see this place, and I had seen it in a lot of movies and things on TV...So....when I saw this...I was a little disappointed...
Don't get me wrong.  It's pretty.  In fact, quite wonderful, but not what I was expecting.  I guess I forgot there were two sides of the White House.  So we took some pics, and then walked around to the south side...and saw this...

Which was just as I had seen it in all those pictures!  It was just remarkable!  It actually gave me chills because of all the history wrapped up in it!  :)  

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