Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baltimore/DC Trip: Baltimore

We just got back from a great trip north to Baltimore and Washington DC!  We were gone for about a week and had a great time.  J went to a conference and we did some sight seeing too!  It was my first time to DC, so we had quite a list of things to see and do and we managed to get it all done!  I will share some pics from our trip in the coming days!  Hope you enjoy!  :)  This trip inspired us to learn more about our Nation's history as well as history in general.  

 While we were in Baltimore we stayed at the "Lord Baltimore Plaza Radisson".  It's a historic hotel and quite bueaitiful inside and out!  It was located right in the Inner Harbor, which is where we spent most of our time while we were there.
 The Bromo Seltzer Tower.  This is a historic landmark in Baltimore and one of the things my Mom remembers most fondly from a trip that she took there with her family when she was a child.  So of course we had to find it and take pics.  Now it's an Art Tower, and they rent spaces on the 16 floors to artists for studio space.  Pretty huh?
 Panoramic view of part of the inner harbor of the Chesapeake Bay.

 Constellation.  One of the 5 Historic Ships you can tour, along wiht the Maritime Museum in Baltimore.
 Dragon Paddle Boats.  These were so cute...and we would have done it had we had enoguh time! :)
And now on to probably our favorite part of Baltimore....this Barnes and Noble (and Hard Rock Cafe) that are in the old Power Plant.  Beautiful on the outside and so historic and pretty on the inside.  we just loved this place.....

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