Thursday, May 12, 2011

Baltimore/DC Trip: Baltimore II

Here are some more pics of our time in Baltimore...
 Here's a very large anchor that rests just beside the Inner Harbor, and if you look in the water you'll see some of those adorable dragon boats being used!  :)
 We did manage to see one lighthouse on our trip.  :)  Pictured above is Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse.  It is one of the only remaining screw-pile lighthouses.  This one actually used to be in the middle of the Chesapeake bay but it had to be moved because it was getting damaged from ice that would build up in the winter.
 Here's another ship that's on display (and available to tour) at the Inner Harbor.  Isn't it cool?  And huge?  And quite majestic?
 One of the many bike racks around downtown Baltimore.  They cracked me up so I had to take a pic.  I guess it's because they are so famous for blue crabs...but they just look silly!  :)
This is the Phoenix Shot Tower.  They apparently used to make shot in towers like this by dropping it down there.  Interesting huh?  Pretty cool, and really tall.  This was about 200' tall and is very visible even within the city.

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