Thursday, April 28, 2011

Whalehead Club

After the lighthouse we walked across the field to the Whalehouse Club.
 Remember this view of the Whalehead club, from the lighthouse? mom and I took a tour of this beautiful mansion too!  :)
 So vivid...and this is actually just the back of the house.
 This here is the front.  Love the huge front porch huh?  Me too.  :)  

Here's an excerpt from to give a little history about the club:

"The sleepy village of Corolla on the Outer Banks of North Carolina began an unforeseen journey into the future in October of 1922. Northern Industrialist Edward Collings Knight, Jr and his bride Marie Louise LeBel took up winter residency in their newly acquired Lighthouse Club and began construction of a 21,000 sq.ft. private residence. Its location on Currituck Sound and the Atlantic Flyway was perfect to satisfy the Knight's passion for waterfowl hunting. Three years and $385,000 later Edward and Marie Louise moved into their "cottage" on the sound. It was unlike any structure that local folks had ever seen or even imagined." 

 See, the Whalehouse Club is really close to the lighthouse and vice versa.
 The Club's Boathouse and Currituck Lighthouse.
I just love the reflection...

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