Friday, April 29, 2011

Ocean and Dunes

After we visited the Whalehead Club we made our way back down the Outer Banks to Kitty Hawk where we were staying the night.  We stopped for dinner at a Pizzazz Pizza which had fantastic salad and pizza btw!  :)  Then we made the rest of the way to our hotel.  It was a beach-front property and had beach access which was nice!  It's kind of hard to find public beaches on the Outer Banks--so it was nice we already had access through our hotel! :)
 The boardwalk from the hotel to the beach.
 Ahh, the ocean at last! :)  (And bright morning sun...)
 We found a few sea shells on the beach and had a nice time.  We even dipped our feet in...on to find out it was really, really cold this time of year. :)

After our visit to the beach we checked out of the hotel and made our way down the road.  We visited Jockey Ridge State Park also in Kitty Hawk, NC.
 I had to write a couple of things in the was so pretty.  :)
 I guess these are some big dunes, although coming from CO and the Great Sand Dunes these didn't seem that big...  but I guess these are the biggest dunes this side of the Mississippi or something.  :)
 It was pretty.  And cold.  And hot.  Ok, my Mom was cold the whole time--the wind was very chilling...but we walked around so much out in that super fine sand I got hot!  It was pretty though.
 Panoramic shot

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