Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Currituck Lighthouse

 After we ate lunch, my mom and I headed out to the further Outer Banks and up to Corolla.  Currituck lighthouse wasn't supposed to be open yet, but to our surprise it was!  So we paid the admission and climbed this beauty (and monster) of a lighthouse!   :)  Now, we've been up many a lighthouse before.  All the way from Cali to Washington to the Great Lakes...but none of those were this tall.
 The walls.  Random, but pretty and quite majestic.  (So I think at least!)
 A view about half way up.
 A view from almost the top.  That's the Whalehead Club.
 From the top...
 More from the top...
 And more from the top.  (Atlantic Ocean is in this one!)
 Notice how thick the brick walls are.  I just had to take a pic on the way down.  This is a massive structure!  Cool huh?
 The spirals we had just walked all the way up and down!  The lighthouse is about 186' tall.  Yep, that's tall.  Very tall.  So that's like a ten story high building or so....yep....definitely tall....  And I'm not gonna lie....I could feel it.  I could feel it's height in my knees...and my chest...and my toes....and my heart....and it made me freak out a little....hence the really bad pics from the beautiful view from the top.  But hey, we did it!  And it was sure pretty!  :)  (And memorable!)
 The marble floor at the entrance.
 Beautiful.  Massive.  Massive beauty!

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