Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bodie Lighthouse

I guess you're supposed to pronounced this like "body" instead of bodie...but that creeps us out.  So, my Mom and I still call it Bodie (like beau-D).  Isn't it pretty?
 It's actually still a massive structure and entirely made of brick.  It's just been painted with those stripes.  Apparently during WWII we blew it up so that the enemy wouldn't see it from far away...and then they rebuilt it a few years later.  Bodie Light is never going to be open to the public again though.  It's just kind of falling apart, which is sad.  But they have been and are continuing to do restorations on it.  As you can see the top of the lighthouse (where the lens usually is) is all black from the tarps covering it.
Sure is pretty huh?  I love it.
And it just so happens that Bodie and Currituck are twins!  They are the exact same design inside and out, with the exception of the fact that Currituck is just about 2' taller than Bodie.  These pics don't do justice to the twin factor...but it will give you some huh?  And we got to see them both in the same trip!  :)

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