Monday, April 4, 2011

Art Walk anyone?

So, when I was at work on Friday (April 1st) I had a nice convo with a customer about an Art Walk that was going on this weekend in Durham.  She was one of the artists and told me a little background on her work and the others in the walk.  I was very interested in this, because it sounded right up our alley.  So she gave me a business card and I went home and talked to J about it.  I had to work on Saturday, so we couldn't go that day but it was also going on Sunday afternoon, so we though we'd go after Church.

So, come Sunday we go to Church and eat lunch as usual.  Then we head up to Downtown Durham where this Art Walk is.  I was surprised by the fact there were no signs saying "Start Here"  or "Art Walk today" but we still carried on.  We already had a map on our phones of the event, so we started at the Durham Arts Council which was #1 on the map.  Then we proceeded to #2 and #2 to find the buildings closed.  We jumped across the street to see #5 and #6 with the same bad luck.

So we ventured on down to Central Park where there was supposed to be some live music.  On our walk there we passed another place on the map and could stop in.  It's called "Trosa" and they help support Substance Abusers getting their lives back together.  This was a frame and furniture shop with some random canned (jarred) goods thrown in.  We found a pint of pure honey with some honeycomb in it for a great price so we purchased that and moved on the Art Walk.

Soon after Trosa we made it to Central Park, which is beautiful as you may remember from these pics before, but no one was one.  No musicians.  No music.  No people.  So we just assumed the had canceled the music or something, and moved on to the Scrap Exchange.  I had seen this store several times before in our ventrues into downtown Durham but had never gotten a chance to stop by.  I just thought it was a scrapbooking store from the name of it....but yesterday we found out quite the opposite in fact.

Scrap Exchange is just a store that sells used and random pieces and scraps and stuff.  The lighting was really dim and it seemed really filthy.  But I maintained a good attitude and walked around in my Sunday clothes, as to not seem too rude....  Weird though.  It was just junk.  Like they go to the landfill and pick out little things to sell at this store.  Weird.  Anyway....definitely, and sadly not what I thought it was.  Good thing I found out before my Mom visits though.  I was planning on taking her to this cute Scrapbooking store called Scrap Exchange in downtown Durham...that as we all know, doesn't exist.

Anyway, we made our way back to our car because this whole art walk had a been a big disappointment with people who hadn't opened up or shown up for the event.  Then, on our walk back, we noticed some more literature about the Art Walk 2011...and it was then that we realized that it's not until the 9th and 10th of April.

LOL seriously?!?!?!  Well, at least we got some honey and a nice long walk on a beautiful Sunday afternoon out of it!  :)  Oh, and I found out that my camera most likely doesn't work anymore.  :(  But I do have some money from a sweet donor to go towards my dream that can still happen!  :)


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  2. Too bad you had the wrong weekend...