Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bodie Lighthouse

I guess you're supposed to pronounced this like "body" instead of bodie...but that creeps us out.  So, my Mom and I still call it Bodie (like beau-D).  Isn't it pretty?
 It's actually still a massive structure and entirely made of brick.  It's just been painted with those stripes.  Apparently during WWII we blew it up so that the enemy wouldn't see it from far away...and then they rebuilt it a few years later.  Bodie Light is never going to be open to the public again though.  It's just kind of falling apart, which is sad.  But they have been and are continuing to do restorations on it.  As you can see the top of the lighthouse (where the lens usually is) is all black from the tarps covering it.
Sure is pretty huh?  I love it.
And it just so happens that Bodie and Currituck are twins!  They are the exact same design inside and out, with the exception of the fact that Currituck is just about 2' taller than Bodie.  These pics don't do justice to the twin factor...but it will give you some huh?  And we got to see them both in the same trip!  :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Ocean and Dunes

After we visited the Whalehead Club we made our way back down the Outer Banks to Kitty Hawk where we were staying the night.  We stopped for dinner at a Pizzazz Pizza which had fantastic salad and pizza btw!  :)  Then we made the rest of the way to our hotel.  It was a beach-front property and had beach access which was nice!  It's kind of hard to find public beaches on the Outer Banks--so it was nice we already had access through our hotel! :)
 The boardwalk from the hotel to the beach.
 Ahh, the ocean at last! :)  (And bright morning sun...)
 We found a few sea shells on the beach and had a nice time.  We even dipped our feet in...on to find out it was really, really cold this time of year. :)

After our visit to the beach we checked out of the hotel and made our way down the road.  We visited Jockey Ridge State Park also in Kitty Hawk, NC.
 I had to write a couple of things in the was so pretty.  :)
 I guess these are some big dunes, although coming from CO and the Great Sand Dunes these didn't seem that big...  but I guess these are the biggest dunes this side of the Mississippi or something.  :)
 It was pretty.  And cold.  And hot.  Ok, my Mom was cold the whole time--the wind was very chilling...but we walked around so much out in that super fine sand I got hot!  It was pretty though.
 Panoramic shot

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Whalehead Club

After the lighthouse we walked across the field to the Whalehouse Club.
 Remember this view of the Whalehead club, from the lighthouse? mom and I took a tour of this beautiful mansion too!  :)
 So vivid...and this is actually just the back of the house.
 This here is the front.  Love the huge front porch huh?  Me too.  :)  

Here's an excerpt from to give a little history about the club:

"The sleepy village of Corolla on the Outer Banks of North Carolina began an unforeseen journey into the future in October of 1922. Northern Industrialist Edward Collings Knight, Jr and his bride Marie Louise LeBel took up winter residency in their newly acquired Lighthouse Club and began construction of a 21,000 sq.ft. private residence. Its location on Currituck Sound and the Atlantic Flyway was perfect to satisfy the Knight's passion for waterfowl hunting. Three years and $385,000 later Edward and Marie Louise moved into their "cottage" on the sound. It was unlike any structure that local folks had ever seen or even imagined." 

 See, the Whalehouse Club is really close to the lighthouse and vice versa.
 The Club's Boathouse and Currituck Lighthouse.
I just love the reflection...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Currituck Lighthouse

 After we ate lunch, my mom and I headed out to the further Outer Banks and up to Corolla.  Currituck lighthouse wasn't supposed to be open yet, but to our surprise it was!  So we paid the admission and climbed this beauty (and monster) of a lighthouse!   :)  Now, we've been up many a lighthouse before.  All the way from Cali to Washington to the Great Lakes...but none of those were this tall.
 The walls.  Random, but pretty and quite majestic.  (So I think at least!)
 A view about half way up.
 A view from almost the top.  That's the Whalehead Club.
 From the top...
 More from the top...
 And more from the top.  (Atlantic Ocean is in this one!)
 Notice how thick the brick walls are.  I just had to take a pic on the way down.  This is a massive structure!  Cool huh?
 The spirals we had just walked all the way up and down!  The lighthouse is about 186' tall.  Yep, that's tall.  Very tall.  So that's like a ten story high building or so....yep....definitely tall....  And I'm not gonna lie....I could feel it.  I could feel it's height in my knees...and my chest...and my toes....and my heart....and it made me freak out a little....hence the really bad pics from the beautiful view from the top.  But hey, we did it!  And it was sure pretty!  :)  (And memorable!)
 The marble floor at the entrance.
 Beautiful.  Massive.  Massive beauty!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Manteo, NC

You may want to pronounce this like man-tay-oh.  But nope, all the locals call it manny-oh.  So....however weird that seems...that what we have to call it too.  haha  :)  Manteo is on Roanoke Island which is between inland NC and the Outer Banks.  In fact it is technically (at least I think so) part of the Outer Banks of NC. 

My Mom and I left for our trip to the Outer Banks around 8am on Wednesday April 13th.  We got to Manteo around 11:30 or so, and we ate lunch (split a wonderful Rueben!) at Poor Richard's.  This is the place that we'd found back in August and just had to eat there again!  It's just delish!!!  :)
 Then we walked over and saw this beauty...
 Roanoke is a small Island and they have this Weather tower near the lighthouse, that displays flags to tell (warn) about weather.  Cool huh?
 Another view....

Monday, April 25, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011


Well, today was my birthday.  My 27th birthday in fact.  :)  And I got to spend it with my Mom and my hubby--so it was a great day!  We took a trip down to Pittsboro and Chapel Hill for some shopping.  But before we got to those places we ate a great pizza at Enzo's.  :)  Thanks for all the birthday wishes from fam and friends today! 
Also, my Mom and I just took a trip out to the Outer Banks this week, that I'll blog about very, very soon!  :)  You can check out my birthday cake above.  :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring really has arrived

Well, I'm not sure if I mentioned this before...but it's definitely spring here in NC!  And we're SO glad!  The flowers are beautiful here.  You know, this is our first spring, so we were curious to find out what it would be like.  The end of summer was hot.  The fall was hot.  The winter was warm, cool and cold.  And now the spring has been full of cool and warm temps.  An interesting thing about this part of the country, is that some flowers bloom all year...well, there are always some blooming....somewhere around.  It's rather exciting.  But spring has definitely sprung and wow is it gorgoeus!  :) 

 Some tulips

 This is another tulip called the "double fringed tulip" and it's sure interesting, huh?

 I think I may have found my new favorite bloom though.....  wysteria, and it's everywhere....and beautiful. :)

My Mom is visiting (yea!!!!) so we naturally had to take her to the Duke Gardens and they sure didn't dissappoint us at all!  :)  I just <3 Spring!!  Oh, and I think I failed to mention that we recently found (and purchased) a car!  So we no longer have to share one!  PTL :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Art Walk anyone?

So, when I was at work on Friday (April 1st) I had a nice convo with a customer about an Art Walk that was going on this weekend in Durham.  She was one of the artists and told me a little background on her work and the others in the walk.  I was very interested in this, because it sounded right up our alley.  So she gave me a business card and I went home and talked to J about it.  I had to work on Saturday, so we couldn't go that day but it was also going on Sunday afternoon, so we though we'd go after Church.

So, come Sunday we go to Church and eat lunch as usual.  Then we head up to Downtown Durham where this Art Walk is.  I was surprised by the fact there were no signs saying "Start Here"  or "Art Walk today" but we still carried on.  We already had a map on our phones of the event, so we started at the Durham Arts Council which was #1 on the map.  Then we proceeded to #2 and #2 to find the buildings closed.  We jumped across the street to see #5 and #6 with the same bad luck.

So we ventured on down to Central Park where there was supposed to be some live music.  On our walk there we passed another place on the map and could stop in.  It's called "Trosa" and they help support Substance Abusers getting their lives back together.  This was a frame and furniture shop with some random canned (jarred) goods thrown in.  We found a pint of pure honey with some honeycomb in it for a great price so we purchased that and moved on the Art Walk.

Soon after Trosa we made it to Central Park, which is beautiful as you may remember from these pics before, but no one was one.  No musicians.  No music.  No people.  So we just assumed the had canceled the music or something, and moved on to the Scrap Exchange.  I had seen this store several times before in our ventrues into downtown Durham but had never gotten a chance to stop by.  I just thought it was a scrapbooking store from the name of it....but yesterday we found out quite the opposite in fact.

Scrap Exchange is just a store that sells used and random pieces and scraps and stuff.  The lighting was really dim and it seemed really filthy.  But I maintained a good attitude and walked around in my Sunday clothes, as to not seem too rude....  Weird though.  It was just junk.  Like they go to the landfill and pick out little things to sell at this store.  Weird.  Anyway....definitely, and sadly not what I thought it was.  Good thing I found out before my Mom visits though.  I was planning on taking her to this cute Scrapbooking store called Scrap Exchange in downtown Durham...that as we all know, doesn't exist.

Anyway, we made our way back to our car because this whole art walk had a been a big disappointment with people who hadn't opened up or shown up for the event.  Then, on our walk back, we noticed some more literature about the Art Walk 2011...and it was then that we realized that it's not until the 9th and 10th of April.

LOL seriously?!?!?!  Well, at least we got some honey and a nice long walk on a beautiful Sunday afternoon out of it!  :)  Oh, and I found out that my camera most likely doesn't work anymore.  :(  But I do have some money from a sweet donor to go towards my dream that can still happen!  :)