Monday, March 7, 2011

Returns and our new life...

So, I apparently haven't blogged for a while....sorry 'bout that!  It's been a little...(to say the least) busy around here since I got back at about 11pm on Valentine's Day!  :)

So, I started my new job on the 15th of February, which also just so happened to be J's 30th birthday!  I think he had a great day, and we went out to Carinos for dinner that night!  I did have a great first day at work too, btw.  We had a buy one, get one free coupon for Carinos, which always is nice right?!  It was kind of a late V-Day dinner out and it was great! (as usual, at Carinos!)  :)

I was orginally just supposed to be part-time, like 20-30 hours a week, but I guess I impressed my boss so much the first day or two, that she put me to full-time!  Cool huh?  :)  While that's even a huger blessing that just having a job now anyways, it's also made this adjustment to me working outside the home again, a bit harder.  I think we are finally getting the hang of it though, and once the pay checks really start coming in I'm sure everything will settle down even more! ;)

Did I mention that I am really enjoying my job though?  The employees are great and most (like 99%) of our customers are super duper nice too!  It's been nice to be out of the house and make more friends too.  :)  I also have been blessed with a great boss, which is always awesome! (And SO appreciated!)

J's been busy with work and research.  Today he made a lot of progress on some imaging of their new things, so that's really great!  He also had a paper accepted to a big conference coming up, so that'll be a fun little trip for us to take together!  :)  (I'll share more details on that later.)

I spent almost all day yesterday working on and filing our taxes.  Since we moved from CO to NC in 2010, we had three different ones to file.  (Federal, CO and NC)  After a few frustrating moments with turbo tax online not saving things, it did finally all work!  So I got all of our returns filed yesterday.  Then, today we already got the email stating that our Federal Return has already been accepted and approved!  Great news huh??  Oh, and did I mention that we are actually getting a lot more back that I originally though we would!  PTL!!!!

Signing off with a very grateful heart!  <3

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