Saturday, January 15, 2011

What do you think about

Reusable Gift Wrap/Bags?

I like the idea.  Or you know, the theory behind them and all...but they just have never seemed too practical.  I guess because the upfront cost is SO much great than just regular wrapping paper or gift bags.

Anyway, I had this novel idea today to just make my own.  I don't think I will probably be doing this all the time or anything, but I wanted to finish this gift up for a friend's baby shower tomorrow.  And I since she's having a boy, and I had this fabric on hand, that also just so happened to coordinate with the card I made and the gift I had to make it.
I went ahead and fully lined the bag too, so she can use it later for toys, diapers or a gift.  I finished it off with a ribbon bow I whipped up and I'd say it all turned out pretty well.  :)

Meanwhile, J and I are just doing just fine.  We have a three day weekend, so we enjoyed a more relaxing Saturday than usual!  So that's been nice! :)

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