Monday, January 24, 2011

This journey of life

You know.  It's kind of funny.  When I created this blog and called it "The Journey of J2" I was thinking of a few things.  Mostly of the fact that we were about to move really far across the country...and even though that terrified me, it was exciting, and I wanted to kind of keep up an online journal of our lives.  You know, I guess it was just kind of on a whim that I came up with the name though.....  

Anyway, it struck me today just how perfect that title is.  This thing called life isn't a destination, it's a journey.  We start out as babies and grow up gradually making small steps before larger ones.  Then we learn to talk, write, drive and the list keeps going.  We go here and there, without even stopping to smell the roses sometimes.  We get so busy that sometimes we forget to be thankful to just have a day or weekend to relax and take a moment to be...thankful.  Thankful for our family.  Thankful for our country (we are SO blessed to live in!).  Thankful for our jobs, however big or small.  Thankful for our housing, etc.  And most importantly thankful for our lives that God has blessed us with.

So tonight, when I was thinking about what to share with you in this little update.  When I was thinking about the fact that we didn't really do much of anything this weekend.  My husband walked over to me and handed me a little note.  It had a sketch on one side depicting us roasting marshmallows on a campfire while camping in the mountains of Colorado.  Then on the other side it looked like a postcard.  It was short and sweet.  Straight to the point.  

"I love you so very much, and I'm so glad you're my wife, keeping me company in this journey of life."  

It brought tears to my eyes.  It was just so sweet.  So thoughtful.  So my sweet hubby's kind words, that I needed in that moment.  :)  I am so glad to be on this journey of life with you too!  Even though life isn't always perfect, I do know that we are perfectly where God wants us and He'll work out the rest of the details! :)

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