Monday, January 17, 2011

Shower, Movie and Explore

Well, we really enjoyed this long weekend around here.  We had a relaxing Saturday (still filled with work on Jesse's part tho.).  Then Sunday we went to Church, then I went to the baby shower I had mentioned before.  It was for a gal who J works with.  So, even though I was a little nervous to go {since I don't know the girls too well} it turned out being really fun! :)  Meanwhile, J worked away at a Starbucks down the road.  Aren't coffee shops great for that?!

Anyway, Sunday evening we used a gift card we'd gotten for Christmas (for the movies) to go to "Country Strong".  It was a really good movie.  A lot more serious and sobering than either of us expected, but it was really well done.  The only bad thing about it was the continuously talking teens a few rows behind us.  Nonetheless it was a great movie and a fun date!  :)

So then today rolls around, and we had some pretty great ideas of what to fill our time with.  Although our day didn't exactly turn out probably as we quasi planned, it was such a great day together, exploring more of North Carolina!  I think it turned out better than we could have expected in fact. :)   Here are some pics to show from our day...

 Driving to Pittsboro, NC.  I just love this pic for some reason... I suppose it's because it gives you a feel of where we live.  :)
 A view of Jordan Lake, while we are passing through it.  Well, I guess over it in all reality.  :)

While we were in Pittsboro there weren't too many shops open today since it was MLK Jr. Day, but the ones that we did find, were well worth it!  Like this one below...
 French Connections.  They have antiques, baskets, and fabric.  TONS of fabric.  The owner is French but from South Africa, so he specializes in French and African things.  It was sweet.  :)
 After we were through with Pittsboro we made our way up the 15-501 to Chapel Hill.  We found this a few miles North of Pittsboro.  It's called the Fearrington House Restaurant.  (Fair-ing-ton)  This is the only 5-star Restaurant to have been certified green, btw.  :)  The house itself is gorgeous and only open for dinner (T-S) and special occasions.  There is actually a whole Fearrington Village built up around the old House and farm, so it's quite the destination location.  I was joking with J that when we renew our vows, we'll have to do it there. It's just so pretty.  :)
 Some lovely cows on the Fearrington Farm.
Then our day was topped off with a trip to the store "A Southern Season".  It's an anchor at the Mall in Chapel Hill, and if you ever get the chance to go there, take it!  It's one a-m-a-z-i-n-g store!  They have everything you'd ever want in your kitchen and/or house there!  They even have a restaurant called "Weathervane".

The store is bigger, better and more full of beautiful things than any I've ever been to before. It's like a Williams-Sonoma meets The Great Indoors meets Whole Foods meets Everything this woman loves store.  Ok, maybe not quite all that...but it's just plain, wonderful! :)  I can't wait to go back!  Oh and I got the cutest fondue pot for two there today for half price too! :)

So, yeah, you could say that we had a nice day spending time together exploring more of this state we're living in, but that'd be an understatement.  We had a great time with each other and we had a great time exploring this--what seems to be getting more interesting than ever--state we live in!   :)  Don't they say everything's better with good company though?  Well, I for one, believe it!

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