Friday, January 21, 2011


I've  been faced with some questions lately and haven't really come to conclusions just yet....well totally at least.  I do know that I won't be going back for my Masters for a while at least.  I didn't realize that I'd have to take the GRE test for every single Graduate program I've been interested in.  So, that's where that is...  Which is just fine as far as I'm concerned.  I still don't know which program I'd like to do and which path would be best for me anyway.

So what is my dream job?  You may ask.  Well, my "dream job" is being a Mom.  I think education is definitely important and I'd love to be able to work at least some of the time once our kids  (who aren't in existence yet) are in school.  But for real, I think raising childrean is the most important job in the world.  I'd like to be a stay at home mom and raise kiddos.  So yep, that's what I want to do, and try to do it as well as I can.  :)

That may come as a shock to some of you...but that's where I am.  That's who God made me to be.  And also, not so coincidentally, that is something J wanted in a wife.  So.  There that is.  You may be wondering about the whole kid thing though, especially since that is my dream job.  Well, we are waiting on God's timing and hopefully that will coinside with our return to Colorado--so we're closer to fam.  :)

So, now that's out of the way, my other well quasi-dream job, would be to be a Photographer.  There are a couple of problems with that though.  1.  No Digital SLR (aka professional camera) and 2. Experience.  Although I don't have a DSLR I am trying to overcome the second problem by taking lots of pictures.  You probably already were aware of though.  :)  My skills are continuing to improve (even since we moved to NC) and I'm really becoming a photographer and loving it.  Now, I guess I just need to work on taking portraits and pics of people...and then well, hopefully, sometime soon we can afford a DSLR so I can really get that dream going!  :)  So, do I have any willing subjects?  ;)

The funny thing with all these decisions lately, is that we just started a new Bible Study in our Sunday School Class that's called "Decisions".  Do you think God's trying to tell me something?!  :)  The study goes through what the Bible says about decision making.   We can't wait to see what all we learn!


  1. Sounds like a plan!! I pray you will be able to get a DSLR soon!!!

  2. Sounds like a great class to be in right now! Funny how God has a way of putting us in places like that, huh? I wish good things for you!

  3. Thanks Peakview! :)

    And thanks Apple Pie Gal! It is too funny how God works sometimes! :)