Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Colorado Christmas

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years!  We got to fly back to Colorado for a great time with family!  J was there for a week, and I got to be back for 2 whole weeks!  We had a blast visiting Northern Colorado as well as the Denver area.  (And getting to see the beautiful mountains!)  So here are a few pics for our time there! :)
My Mom, sisters, their children and I made goodies before Christmas.
 J helping our niece and nephew with their gifts.
Our littlest niece enjoyed pointing at all the pretty ornaments.  So cute!
 Our nephews played with a helicopter. :)
 It snowed about 6 inches while I was there, and one afternoon it was warm enough to do a little sledding in my parents' backyard.  Here's my mom and L sledding together!
 On 1-1-11 we ventured back down to the Denver area to do some shopping at Flatirons Mall, visit my Grandma K and Casa Bonita!  The interesting thing, is that Casa Bonita was just as awesome as I remembered it being during my childhood!  I feel like most things aren't as great once you grow know, like they are as big, or wonderful, but Casa Bonita was just like I remembered!  The food isn't anything to write home about, but that atmosphere is great!

We hadn't been there for a number of be exact, we hadn't been there for at least 10 years!  (Because my oldest niece K is going to be 10 in March and she'd never been there before!)  Crazy huh?  J was already back home when we went, and so was my sister D's hubby, so it's too bad they couldn't come.  But it was the rest of Mom, Dad, A&J and their kids, D and her kids and me.  We had a great time and here are some photos....
 The bat cave seating area.
 The old mine seating area.
 Cliff Jumper/Diver about to make another splash!
Diving on video.
And....the outside of the building!  Isn't it just darling?!?!? :)  Love it....

It was so great to be able to be back in Colorado for the holidays and to get to spend lots of great time with our family!  We also were very blessed by all the great gifts we got this year!  Thanks! :)