Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hark the Herald!

You know that simply means "hear the message".  J and I just got back from our Church, where we sang in the Christmas Program.  It went really well!  The music was fun and a good combo of old and new stuff.  The choir was prepared, the sanctuary was filled and everything went just as planned.  It's so bittersweet this year though. 

I guess it's because we're (I'm) just getting used to be away from family.  I am so used to having my family (usually quite a few of them too!) in the crowd just waiting to greet and hug me afterwards.  Not just Church ones either, I mean everything.  Every solo.  Every choir performance.  Everything.  My mom has always been there.  I guess I didn't realize just how fortunate I was until now. 

You know I sang that solo in Church a few weeks ago, and it didn't really hit me then.  (Don't know why...)  But tonight it did.  No one was there.  I mean, the room was filled.  But no one was there.  Know what I mean.  wow.  Maybe I'm coming across as selfish or something.  Hope not!  I just mean, this is ALL going to take a lot of getting to used to.

J and I have been in Choir together since we got married.  So last year and the year before we sang in the Christmas program in Northern CO and our family (both sides) would come and see it.  It was great!  So this year....was just different.  I guess it's not all bad.  Just different.  And, well, like I said, I just didn't realize just how lucky I was to always have someone there for every little performance.

Anyway, it's not about us anyway and everything went well.  I really hope people got the message of the real meaning of Christmas.  (And the real meaning of our lives...)  The next to last song in our cantata was called "We Believe" and it really went through everything we stand for and believe as Christians.  It was a really pretty song and really powerful with these words.... "We believe, this is the Christ, the Son of Heaven sent to earth.  We believe, He ruled on high, but came in lowly human birth.  And we believe this King will reign, and all the world will know His name....."  Those are just a few of the words, but you get the point.  :)  Hope someone got to hear it that needed to.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  We did.  :)


  1. I struck me today, also, that this was the first time in 26 years that I missed a performance of yours...(except I think I missed one opera you had a tiny part in when you were in college). I am so glad you found a church home, though. At least you were with your church family and soon you will be here with us for Christmas - woo hoo!!