Friday, December 3, 2010

Uniquely North Carolina

Recently it's been brought to my attention that there are a few products that are either unique to NC or originally from (and still made) here!  I suppose there are probably more things too....but this is all I know about for now.

Pepsi -- Started out as "Brad's Drink" in 1883 in New Bern, NC.  Caleb Bradham made it in his pharmacy and wanted to make a drink that would taste good and aid in digestion.  By 1903 it had been renamed Pepsi Cola and had moved from his drugstore to a warehouse.  The Coca-Cola Company tried to buy Pepsi three different times but Pepsi declined.  Then the rest is really just history.

Pepsi is obviously sold practically everywhere now, although it still has a pretty great presence in North Carolina.  (Especially the Pepsi plant in Winston-Salem.)  Man do I love Pepsi...and it's really kind of fun to find out it all started here!  :)

Krispy Kreme -- These delicious doughnuts were started back in 1937 in Winston-Salem, NC.  It's now a chain of doughnut stores around the world.  In addition to being sold in their stores, you can find them at gas stations, supermarkets and Target stores.

As you already know, I'm not the biggest fan (or really a fan at all) of donuts...but you know a fresh, warm glazed donut from KKreme is really quite delish!  :)

Cheerwine -- This delicious soft drink was invented in 1917 by the Carolina Beverage Corporation in Salisbury, NC.  Cheerwine is a very carbonated, sweet cherry drink.  It was named for its color and taste.  The company also has other Cheerwine flavored delights such as ice cream and sherbet.  

You can find Cheerwine is most of the Southeastern US from WV to GA but is best known in VA and the Carolinas.  In 2005 other parts of the US started bottle Cheerwine, mostly through Pepsi distributors.  Cheerwine partnered with Krispy Kreme in July 2010 to make a Cheerwine flavored donut--only available in Salisbury, NC. 

I've had a taste of Cheerwine and it is very different and quite yummy.  J on the other hand just LOVES it!  It's all he ever drinks when we are at one of our friends' house.  I suppose I should start buying some for us to have at our place.  :)

Isn't it interesting how they all have some connections too??!!??  I think I'm done with my random trivia for the day though!  Happy Friday and weekend!!  :)


  1. Interesting. I had no idea Pepsi & Krispy Kreme originated in NC. And I've never heard of that Cheerwine. Do they sell that pop in the green bottle that we saw in KY? Can't remember the name...

  2. Was it Ale 8? Or something like that? I haven't seen it here, but then again I haven't been looking...I will have to notice the next time I'm out! :)

    Oh, and maybe you can try Cheerwine either when you're out here or when I'm back there! I bet you'll like it! :)