Friday, December 31, 2010

The close of another year!

Can you believe it's already the end of 2010?  I can't!  I suppose because it's been such an eventful year!  I have lots and lots of pictures to sort through and post from Christmas and other festivities, but until I get those up, I will settle with summing up our year! :)

2010 started out like many others...  There was a couple who loved each other, who were happily married and living in Northern Colorado.  In mid-January she decided to start a cooking blog.  Meanwhile, he was working hard at finishing his PhD.  At the end of May he landed a great Post-Doc position at a prestigious University in NC.  Then in July he successfully defended his Dissertation and later that month they moved (over 1700 miles) to North Carolina for said job.

August came and they got settled into their new life (and apartment) with the help of her parents, who also helped the couple discover the Outerbanks.  Then later in August this couple took a very quick but enjoyable trip back to their home state for the wedding of his sister!  In September this couple found, and settled into, a great Church in their new city.  They made friends, settled in more and got to explore NC further.  In December they got to travel back to Colorado to visit their family for Christmas! :)

And well....the year's coming to a close and we (the couple) can't wait to see what 2011 has in store! :)
We hope you have had a great year and we hope even more that you all have a wonderful New Year!!!!  :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Life, Party and a Tree

So, today was a pretty monumental day for us.  I don't know how mush I will {should} discuss...but just know that God is working in us, and we're settling into our life.  (No that doesn't mean someone will make an appearance in less than a year either.)  I just mean, God is good.  So very good.  :)

Anyway, today was my hubby's Boss' Christmas Party!  It was at his {very nice} house that's out in a --big surprise-- forested area a little ways outside of town.  I think there were a total of about 40 people there, including some kiddos.  We had a great time and got to connect with quite a few of the grad students and their spouses that J works with.  So that was cool.  :)

J's boss and his wife, are super nice and it was great to chat with them a little more too.  Although, truth be told I'm not sure we ever really got to speak with the boss man, he was being SO sweet by serving everyone punch and coffee the whole time!  But J and I both had a nice talk with the boss' wife, so that was nice!  The food was good and plentiful, and the company was nice.

You know something interesting about North Carolina though.  They are really into their Christmas trees.  I think most people do "real" ones and I suppose that's not too surprising because NC is the Christmas Tree Capital of the World or something like that.  Or, they at least are one of the top producers...(makes sense with all the trees e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.)  Anyway, people here are so particular about their trees though, AND opinionated AND vocal.  Just today we had several instances where people were saying how having a real tree is the only way to do it...and you should at least have two or three every year.... So....did I miss something?  Excuse me?  I thoguht this was America, where we have a choice in matters like that.  So yeah, I will keep my pre-lit artificial tree that I don't have to water, AND I don't risk loosing my favorite ornaments every year!  Take that tree killers!  :)  haha

OK, I don't really care that much.  I'm just joking.  But really, since when did it become a thing to get all riled up about?  It's a tree.  It's a tree we light up and decorate.  It's a tree we put presents beneath.  It's a tree.  Real or fake.  It doesn't really matter.  But hey, have you ever heard of a Chrismon Tree?  It's pretty interesting...  :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Favorite things...

Raindrops on roses and wiskers on kittens, Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, Jeeping in the mountains with family, these are a few of my favorite things.  :)  Like my rendition?  ;)  hehe 

Anyway, I grew up fourwheeling (jeeping) with my family all around the Colorado Mountains.  It turns out my hubby loves fourwheeling too, and we actually went fourwheeling on our 4th date!  :)  Anyway, my parents got each of my sisters and I (and themselves) this ornament below in one our very favorite Jeeping towns in CO! 
It's so comforting to have grown up seeing this ornament on my parents' tree and now I see it on our tree every year! Plus, it's just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. And if you remember, I love bears. I think they are adorable. So yep, cutest ornament ever I'm pretty sure! :)  And it reminds me of home...even while we're so far away! 

Oh, random side note -- it snowed last night!  Woohoo!!  But then it sleeted and rained...and I guess it's pretty slick out because they cancelled all the schools around the Triangle today.  I wouldn't be surprized if they are closed tomorrow too.  Hope you are getting some moisture too!  :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Early Christmas Presents

Well, today I got an early Christmas present.  :)  Well, I won't actually get it till later this week....but it got ordered today.  You know that phone I was talking about yesterday?  Well, it turns out it's on sale today, a really great sale...and it's free today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So, we ordered it this morning and it should get here I think by Wednesday or so!  It's even the Voilet one I wanted.  And we managed to find a case for it too--also on sale, but not free.  So that was a super happy early Christmas present this morning!  :)  Hope all is well with you!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hark the Herald!

You know that simply means "hear the message".  J and I just got back from our Church, where we sang in the Christmas Program.  It went really well!  The music was fun and a good combo of old and new stuff.  The choir was prepared, the sanctuary was filled and everything went just as planned.  It's so bittersweet this year though. 

I guess it's because we're (I'm) just getting used to be away from family.  I am so used to having my family (usually quite a few of them too!) in the crowd just waiting to greet and hug me afterwards.  Not just Church ones either, I mean everything.  Every solo.  Every choir performance.  Everything.  My mom has always been there.  I guess I didn't realize just how fortunate I was until now. 

You know I sang that solo in Church a few weeks ago, and it didn't really hit me then.  (Don't know why...)  But tonight it did.  No one was there.  I mean, the room was filled.  But no one was there.  Know what I mean.  wow.  Maybe I'm coming across as selfish or something.  Hope not!  I just mean, this is ALL going to take a lot of getting to used to.

J and I have been in Choir together since we got married.  So last year and the year before we sang in the Christmas program in Northern CO and our family (both sides) would come and see it.  It was great!  So this year....was just different.  I guess it's not all bad.  Just different.  And, well, like I said, I just didn't realize just how lucky I was to always have someone there for every little performance.

Anyway, it's not about us anyway and everything went well.  I really hope people got the message of the real meaning of Christmas.  (And the real meaning of our lives...)  The next to last song in our cantata was called "We Believe" and it really went through everything we stand for and believe as Christians.  It was a really pretty song and really powerful with these words.... "We believe, this is the Christ, the Son of Heaven sent to earth.  We believe, He ruled on high, but came in lowly human birth.  And we believe this King will reign, and all the world will know His name....."  Those are just a few of the words, but you get the point.  :)  Hope someone got to hear it that needed to.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  We did.  :)

Christmas Shopping--Check!

Yesterday J and I ventured over to the Mall for a few things.  One--to finish up Christmas shopping, Two--to check out any good deals for clothing for us and Three--to look at phones for me.  We had a great time, and were quite surprised to find the mall wasn't all that busy.  (Considering it was just two weeks before Christmas.)  :)

We finished up our Christmas shopping....well I think so at least.  I also thought that about two weeks ago, when I was informed I'd forgotten a couple of people.  (Whoops)  And I managed to find a couple of great shirts on sale, which will come in handy this winter.  They are long sleeve shirts, soft and cozy AND will go really well with my wardrobe.  And I like them.  Did I mention that?!  :) 

We did look at phones, and that store wasn't too busy either.  I can't upgrade my phone till tomorrow, and we were just looking at phones and deals to make sure I could get just what I want at a good price.  So, it looks like I will be in ship-shape to get one tomorrow!  Yippeee!  I can't wait!  J got his on Black Friday and got it f-r-e-e!  Which is a super great deal.  He loves it and it works really well for him.  Which is great!  I'm actually going to end up getting the same one, although I won't get quite that great of a deal on mine though.  It's all good though! I can't wait to have a smartphone! :)  And actually, I just can't wait to have a phone that will work on a regular basis, that will have a normal alarm that will go off when it is supposed to!  And it's WAY better that I get to get a smartphone that can do all that and a lot more!  :)

Anyway, while we were at the mall there was some live entertainment on a little stage towards the center.  When we got there a middle school orchestra was playing some carols, and later on we saw a great little band playing some pop music.  The band was great!  I don't think any of them were older than about 12, and they sounded just great.  Simple arrangments, but very well played.  They even took turns singing and it was just darling.  Not gonna lie, I'm pretty sure that little band made both of our days a little brighter.  You know, it's just great to see little ones playing and singing!  :)  I suppose it also helped that the lead singer reminded me of Michael Jackson at about age 8.  :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's beginning... look a lot like winter!  :) 

I'm not gonna either.  I don't think we ever thought we'd see it snow in North Carolina.  But sure enough it is as we speak....and has been for a few hours....and looks like it will continue for a while!!  How exciting!  :) 

So I just had to share a pic of a lake, that's pretty close to where we live, that's starting to look like a winter wonderland!  :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Uniquely North Carolina

Recently it's been brought to my attention that there are a few products that are either unique to NC or originally from (and still made) here!  I suppose there are probably more things too....but this is all I know about for now.

Pepsi -- Started out as "Brad's Drink" in 1883 in New Bern, NC.  Caleb Bradham made it in his pharmacy and wanted to make a drink that would taste good and aid in digestion.  By 1903 it had been renamed Pepsi Cola and had moved from his drugstore to a warehouse.  The Coca-Cola Company tried to buy Pepsi three different times but Pepsi declined.  Then the rest is really just history.

Pepsi is obviously sold practically everywhere now, although it still has a pretty great presence in North Carolina.  (Especially the Pepsi plant in Winston-Salem.)  Man do I love Pepsi...and it's really kind of fun to find out it all started here!  :)

Krispy Kreme -- These delicious doughnuts were started back in 1937 in Winston-Salem, NC.  It's now a chain of doughnut stores around the world.  In addition to being sold in their stores, you can find them at gas stations, supermarkets and Target stores.

As you already know, I'm not the biggest fan (or really a fan at all) of donuts...but you know a fresh, warm glazed donut from KKreme is really quite delish!  :)

Cheerwine -- This delicious soft drink was invented in 1917 by the Carolina Beverage Corporation in Salisbury, NC.  Cheerwine is a very carbonated, sweet cherry drink.  It was named for its color and taste.  The company also has other Cheerwine flavored delights such as ice cream and sherbet.  

You can find Cheerwine is most of the Southeastern US from WV to GA but is best known in VA and the Carolinas.  In 2005 other parts of the US started bottle Cheerwine, mostly through Pepsi distributors.  Cheerwine partnered with Krispy Kreme in July 2010 to make a Cheerwine flavored donut--only available in Salisbury, NC. 

I've had a taste of Cheerwine and it is very different and quite yummy.  J on the other hand just LOVES it!  It's all he ever drinks when we are at one of our friends' house.  I suppose I should start buying some for us to have at our place.  :)

Isn't it interesting how they all have some connections too??!!??  I think I'm done with my random trivia for the day though!  Happy Friday and weekend!!  :)