Saturday, November 20, 2010

We did it!!!!!

We ran our very first ever 5k this morning!  :)  We paced ourselves well and got to sprint right through the finish line!  I'm not gonna lie though.  It was really fun.  More fun that I thought it would be.  The finish line was such a rush, especially because there was a crowd cheering us on, and they called out our names as we finished.  It was cool.  I feel like we accomplished it.  We did it!  

I know it was just a 5k, but still, we set a goal 7 weeks ago and carried it out till today!  We certainly weren't the fastest, but we also weren't the slowest either!  We had a goal going into it today that we'd finish the 3.1 miles in 45 minutes. (or about 4 mph jogging pace)  It turns out we beat that time by just a little bit!  We came in at 44:19! :)  So, now we have a starting point for next time we do a 5k and how much we need to train to shave off some time!  I'm just so glad we did it!  

We signed up to run it as a recreational run (as opposed to competitive) which was nice to take some pressure off.   There were around 1200 runners today which really seemed like a good group of people.  It was nice for our first one to not be a humongous one like in a big city!  And of course, I got to wear my sweet SparkleSkirt and we wore our team shirts! :)

We got free Chic-Fil-A sandwiches, bananas and Gatorade after we finished too, which was pretty great too. Actually, I think those were the best sandwiches EVER!  :)  Here are some pics from today...
Here's what our shirts we got look like.  Cute huh?
Here's the Turkey, who actually did run the race!  Funny?  I think so.  :)  I bet he was HOT in that costume and jacket! 
 Ready to start! 
 After the race and just about to our jeep.  I think our shirts worked out nicely!  :)
 Fall colors.  :)

Anyway, I think we can actually call ourselves runners now.  :)  Woohoo!


  1. Amazing fall colors!! I'm so proud of you both!! What was the temperature at the time of the race?

  2. ...oh, and the shirts are really cute, too!!!

  3. Thanks!!! I think it was around 45-50degrees out when we did the race. Pretty cold...but I get SO hot running, even in that outfit. It really was perfect weather though! :)