Saturday, November 13, 2010

I really might just be a crazy cat lady after all....

:)  haha!  It's true though.  I have often joked about being a "crazy cat lady" in the past, but's kind of true!

You see, a couple of months ago we went to an arts and crafts fair.  While we were walking around enjoying the various booths, there was one for a local cat shelter.  They were giving away little tiny bags of cat nip to take home to your cat.  They gave us one and some literature about their shelter.  Then they also told me about the giveaway they were having for a cat necklace.  So, I decided to sign up, because...well....we have a cat...I like cats...(at least ours)...and I like necklaces...(in general)...   So, I did. 

So two months pass and I completely forgot about it.  Completely.  Totally and utterly forgot about it.  Till yesterday when I got my mail and received a package with a little box inside.  I saw that box and immediately remembered what it had contained just a few short months ago.  Yep, it was in there still...the cat necklace. I am the proud owner of a rather large, yet rather adorable (even if it makes me look like a crazy cat lady) necklace!  :)

Here it is...  :)  It is silver and gold with little rhinestones for the tail.

And, the cat is actually a pin too.  :)

So....I guess I just may be that crazy cat lady after least now I have a sweet necklace to prove it!  :)

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  1. The necklace/brooch is adorable!! How lucky are you to have won it!!