Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Free cupcake?

So, I have to tell you this story.  I meant to blog about it last night...but didn't get a chance.  (With all the election coverage and DWTS!) 

Ok, so on Monday night I had noticed that Sugarland in CH was going to give free cupcakes to anyone who voted in Tuesday's election that came in with their sticker on.  So, I was excited to see that, and since I was going to vote anyway that was in my plan for my election day. 

Fast forward to yesterday (election day) afternoon.  I'd already voted and with my sticker on my shirt I drove over to Chapel Hill to get claim my free cupcake.  I'd never driven downtown CH before...and definitely not during the day and parking was a bit of an issue.  Eventually I found a spot, paid for my spot and made my way to Sugarland.  It was only two or three blocks away and it was a cool fall day with people crawling the streets.  Most of the people were minding their own business...except for those who weren't. I mean, there were some people who were asking for money, etc...and they'd hit on me and then ask for money.  --For the record, that doesn't make me anymore likely to give you money if you hit on me.-- 

So, then, there is was, right in front my face.  I could smell their goodies from across the street as I waited for the light to change.  As I crossed the street my nerves were getting weak...did I really just come here for a free cupcake?!!??!  Yes.  Okay...better go in.  So, as I walked through their doors I noticed all their tables were filled with people eating their deliciously, sugary purchases. 

I made my way to the counter and said, "I voted.  Do I get a free donut?"  Direct quote from my mouth.  And no, you didn't read it wrong.  I didn't write it wrong either.  I was in this wonderful, renowned bakery and asked for not just something free, but I asked for a free item they don't even carry!!  Embarassing!!!!  And for the record.  I don't even like donuts.  At all.... 

So, after a moment passed and I realized what had come from my mouth and also that I hadn't just melted into a puddle that could seep out the door....I regained my composure and asked for a cupcake.  Then I profusely apologized, and cited that I knew about this offer from being a fan on facebook AND that I just loved all their cakes, etc.... 

The gal was surprisingly nice about it.  I can't assume that she's ever been asked that before.  I mean, really, who goes into a cupcakery and asks for a donut?!?!?!  But, she was super polite and still gave me a free cupcake.  I had to buy one for my hubs (not just because I wanted to be nice to him, but because I had just insulted their sweet little shop by asking for a free donut) and I gave her a good tip.

I mean seriously....what was I thinking?!?!?!?!?!?!?  Perhaps it was the creepy street people who had made me flustered...or the traffic or parking ordeal....  I don't know, but quite possibly this was the most embarassing thing I have ever, ever, ever done.  Or at least in the last month.  :)  Hopefully it gave you a laugh though!  :) 


  1. LOL, oh that was funny, hope it was worth it :)

  2. Hehe, thanks! :) And yes, it was totally delicious and worth it! :)