Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Eye Results

Well, I got some answers today...but not the ones I've been hoping for.  I guess I had been hoping that maybe all these headaches were just related to my eyes getting worse and a new stronger prescription would fix it all.  Well....not the case.  My eyes are about the same as they were three years ago.  Which is actually a good thing for my just means that I still don't know anything more about the headaches.  (I just have a slight prescription for glasses for night eyes aren't ever bad enough to be restricted at all for driving.)

I went to a an eye Dr. in Raleigh and wowsers, it was a busy morning to be driving there!  The interstates were packed and I had a bit of a hard time finding the actual Dr.'s office.  After finally finding it and also finding a parking place in the garage next door, I waded through people and cars to find my way up to the waiting room. 

I didn't have to wait for long, and soon I found myself getting poked and prodded...ok not really...but I was soon getting my eyes examined in every possible way.  The Glaucoma test came out fine but they did this old school type of test with this pen looking thing touching my eye. (Instead of the puff test that I had previously been exposed to.)  Then put the drops in to dilate my eyes, and sent me out to the small waiting room to wait for them to dilate.

After a few minutes the Dr. came to get me for the rest of the check up and was very  VERY VERY surprised to find my eyes to be VERY (VERY) dilated.  LOL....anyway, my optical nerve is also just fine.  In fact, she said it was beautiful.  So that's good right?!?  Long story eyes are still SUPER dilated...hopefully they'll go back to normal at some point.  Light is not my friend today because of it....

Oh and she said I have some eye strain.  I guess all of us, as humans, concentrate too much when reading.  So, whether we are reading a book, magazine, paper or on the computer, we get so involved that we don't blink enough.  Literally, we don't blink enough and then that makes our eyes dry out.  (They create tears and lubricate while blinking.) So, she recomended that every hour or so that I am reading/on the computer, I use some artificial tears.  So that's a pretty easy thing to remember right?  You can do the same!  :)

So, good news and bad news right?  Good news being that my eyes are fine.  Bad news because that's not the cause of all the headaches.  We are still getting answers I can't really complain.  Plus, my MRI is still this we'll find out more soon!!!!!!!!!!!  :)  Thanks for all the continued support and prayers.


  1. ok, I never remember to read blogs, until your FB post, anyways, gross, that you had the old glaucoma test, I've never had one, didn't know they still did those, and I just went in and they had a machine with a bright light instead of dilating, thought that was cool. Alright, on to read your other posts :)

  2. Oh, I didn't mention that with that old glaucoma test they did at least num my eyes, which made it fine. I'm weird and really hate the puff test though...

    And that's nice they just had a really bright light. I don't like them to dilate my eyes...especially because the really were dilated and took over 8 hours to go back to normal! :/ So that was cool....maybe I can see if they can just do that next time!

  3. Ok, one down! Hope your eyes return to itty-bitty soon enough! Still praying for the best!