Friday, October 1, 2010

Unexpected Treasures

So, I picked up J from work tonight--not something completely out of the ordinary since we only have one car now.  Sometimes he takes it to work, sometimes I take him.  So, when I picked him up and as we were driving home he suggested we eat out, unless of course I had already made something at home.  Most of the time I already have something ready to go in the oven by that point, but since it was Friday I was going to make pizza adn it's a quick and easy meal, so I was just going to do it once we got home.  So, it worked out nicely for the spur of the moment dinner plans.  He asked where I'd like to go, and I remembered we had just gotten a coupon this week for Qdoba.

We decided on that and went to the Qdoba in Chapel Hill.  I got a free Quesadilla with teh coupon we had and J got the ancho chile (Mexican bbq sauce) burrito.  After a nice dinner (and super great deal of a dinner!) we walked the street some to look at some shops.  We found a super cute one with eco-friendly things that were also fair trade.  Then we went to Sugarland--this fabulous place I had found while searching for jobs.  They unfortunately aren't hiring, but they have fabulous cakes, pastries, coffee and gelato.  We splurged and split a big raspberry gelato that was very yummy.  (Truth be told, it was really busy and I ordered really fast.  So I just said "raspberry in the green one".  I had no idea what their sizing was, or even what the prices I just went with it.  Turns out it was the large, and large indeed it was.  And the pricetag showed it too...but it was a good deal...just a lot of gelato!)
Then we saw her.  A flower lady.  So Jesse bought me some flowers from her.  That's right, you read it right.  We saw a flower lady.  A real flower lady.  And she was beautiful.  Her skin was tired and wrinkled.  Her voice was hoarse and hard to understand.  But her eyes were full of hope and familiar.  Full of hope that she could brighten a strangers' life by selling them flowers.  Full of hope that one day she wouldn't have to sell anymore flowers.  Or something else.  Maybe it was full of hope that we would live a long and happy life.

Whatever it was that flower lady was thinking or feeling, I wish her the best.

She was beautiful and made my night.

You know, I think she actually made my whole week.

Maybe even my whole month.

Anyway, tonight was one of those unexpected treasures in life.  You know, those moments that you didn't expect and really cherish because they were perfect.  Little blessings from God.  Yep.  Tonight was definitely one of those nights.  A great date with my hubby, yummy food, great dessert and then meeting a flower lady.  :)

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