Monday, October 18, 2010

Team Shirts

Alright, you caught me...I think I said I wasn't going to be writing much more about running and our training...well....I am today though!  I just made our matching shirts last night!  I kept debating about how I wanted them to look, and how I wanted to do them....and after searching all over stores for the right things, this is what I came up with:  2 white shirts, Teal Rit Dye, Black (Ebony) Soft (and Matte) fabric paint and stencils.  Sounds rather anticlimatic I feel...but they turned out pretty well--we think!  :)  Next time I think I will try the iron on transfer papers you can print on though....

Anyway, here are some pics of the process....
First I dyed the shirts with that Teal Rit dye, and I did it in my sink.  This is the color they turned out as...and I think I love them!  :)
After I washed and dried the shirts after dyeing them, I placed a piece of cardboard where I wanted to paint.
With the cardboard in place I placed the stencil on the shirt and taped it into place.  Then I painted those stencils, and removed them promptly and carefully. :)  Then I let that dry for 4 hours while it was flat.
After the front dried, I stenciled the back the same way on each shirt.  Here's the final product above!  The left is a pic of the back and the Jsquared is on the left front. 
 While I realize they are not the cutest shirts ever, or even the most quality or creative...(the list goes on as to what they aren't.)  But I love them, and so does J!  They are our team shirts, and although no perfect (paint + stencils on a shirt = not going to ever be perfect) we'll wear them proud!  They are our shirts! least for our first race...then I may have to invest in some of that printable iron on paper.... ;) 

Either way, they are done, a pretty color, matching and ours.  :)  Oh, and definitely no one else will be matching us!!!  haha!  :)

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