Thursday, October 14, 2010


Well, J and I are a week and a half into our training for our 5k and still going.  :)  We're actually getting really excited for it too!  So, I got a great idea today, to make us shirts for the big day! (that we could also wear for other races, should we choose to do more....)  They'll say "Team J2".  (As in Jsquared, not Jtwo.)  Cute huh?  I was also thinking of making some sort of logo or something...  :) 

And, I am thinking of getting a Sparkle Skirt for the big day too.  Here's the link...what do you think?!?!  There is another company that makes a similar one, but this one has a wicking wasteband AND a pocket in the wasteband while that other one doesn't.  Plus, I would get the Magenta one which helps support breast cancer research, and that just so happens to be one of my very favorite colors ever!  :) 
Sparkle Skirts: Magenta, Royal Blue and Turquoise
Don't we all need a little sparkle in our lives?!?!  And I thought it would be super cute, fun and girly for the day.  In addition to being more encouragement for our goal too!  :)  What do you think?!? 

Oh, and we ate at Moe's Southwestern Grill tonight with some friends from our Church.  It was our first time there and it was great.  Kind of like Qdoba and Chipotle style with burritos, etc...but everything was much more southwestern, instead of mexican.  Good stuff!  (although I think I am still partial to Chipotle)  We all went there for a funraiser for our Church's youth group Misssions trip, so it was fun to see a lot of people there that we know.  Moe's is donating 25% of pretty much all their sales tonight to the Missions trip, pretty sweet huh?

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