Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shoes and shine

Well, J needed some new shoes for running...and finally agreed to getting some!!  :)  We got a great deal at Kohl's -- love that place!!!  You can see his new ones on the left, and old ones on the right.  I am surprised his old ones look that good in this pick.  He admitted that they are at least 5 years old, and I noticed that they aren't even his shoe size!  Ok, they are only a half size off...but still!  Poor guy...  So, now he has some bright and shiny new ones to show off!  Now he thinks I need some new ones too....which is probably hopefully we can find a good deal on some for me soon too!  :)

Things are going well here.  J is still busy with work.  Oh!  And he just turned in one of those two papers he's been working on from his previous job!  So that's great!  Now he just has to work on that other one, and I'm sure he'll get it done soon.  Then I will get my hubby back!! :) 

I'm doing well, and staying busy.  If you didn't already know, I just got an actual domain for my foodie blog a few weeks ago, so it's taking off pretty well too!!!  :)  We are still loving our Church and getting to sing with a Choir again.  I get to sing in an ensemble in a few weeks too, which will be fun!  :) 

The weather has been mostly unseasonably warm, but still fall-like in the evenings, which has been nice.  Today it's only about 70 here today which is seasonal, and rainy which is a nice change though too.  We are still enjoying our new place and the extra space--and of course Cinderella is too! ;)

Ok, that's all I have for now!  Hope you are doing well!!!

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