Friday, October 22, 2010

Self Check

Are you familiar with them?  The lanes at the supermarkets, etc...where you can *supposedly* check yourself out.  Well, today when I went to the store to pick up a few items I thought it would be quicker to just go to a self check.  There were a couple of other regular lanes open, but they both had people in I went on to the self check. 

I'm well on my way of checking out my total of 5 items, when the checker who oversees these said "Self Check" stations tries to help me along (when I didn't need any help) and he ended up making it take way longer than it should have....  :( I'll explain how....

I had some bananas and a lemon to check out as my last items, and they both already had stickers on them with the item numbers.  So, just as I start entering the numbers he jumps behind me and then presses them in for the bananas.  Ok...that was weird.  So I proceeded with my lemon and apparently he could do it with his little magic checker machine in his hand...(but I didn't know that he was doing that) and I went ahead and entered it in the machine.  So it came up twice and he comes over and has to remove one of them. 

....Now, why????? on earth, couldn't he just let me do the self check, by myself?!?!  I'm fully capable.  In fact, I've even done it several (well more than several) times before without a hitch.  Why, why, why did he have to "help" me, and end up actually just giving me a headache???!!!? 

I know this probably sounds petty and I should just get over it, but really?????  Do I look incapable?  Stupid?  or something else?  Or was that his way of trying to flirt??  weird.....just. so. weird.  And NOT helpful.  :(

Ok....I think I am done ranting for now....  There is certainly one thing for sure, and that is that I am going to just go to regular check out lanes from now on.  Well, at least at that store...or when that weirdo is working!  :)


  1. How strange.

    [begin sarcasm]
    Hey maybe I can see how that approach works in the laser lab. Next time I see a grad student working on something I'll just start adjusting mirrors and control knobs behind their back.
    [end sarcasm]