Sunday, October 24, 2010

North Carolina State Fair

Howdy!  I think I will break up my post about our trip to the State Fair because I have that many pictures and that much to say about it!  :)  We had a great time yesterday and spent about 12 hours naturally, there's a lot to tell!  It was such a great experience, and interesting time because this was our first State Fair ever!  Colorado's State Fair is held down in Pueblo, which is far from where we lived.  So it's nice that the NC State Fair is in the Capital--which also just so happens to be in the center of the state!  :)

Here's a few pic to get this started....

 A Bluegrass stage with entertainment throughout the fair.
 Some of the Master Gardens...notice the surfer dude hanging in the trees.
 More of the garden.  I love this flower "tree".  :)
 The first and second place gourd winners.
 Isn't this a cook way to carve your squash?!?!  Love it...especially all the Santas.
The award winning pumpkins. Sweet?  The 1st place winner was 369lbs.  Wow.

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