Sunday, October 10, 2010

New friends :)

So, last night we had dinner at some of our new friends' house.  We'd only talked a little in person, but quite a bit through emails the last couple of weeks.  So, it was really nice to be able to sit down and spend an evening getting to know them!  Turns out, they don't live too far from us (always a plus) and they have two very sweet little kiddos. 

The man does all the cooking, and even though I'm confident the woman could do it, I can see why he does.  He's a great cook!  Dinner was great!  If my hubby cooked like that I think I'd have him do it all the time. be honest....J does cook very well....but he's only ever made me two or three meals ever...and I suppose that's partially because I love to cook and probably couldn't live without it....

Anyway, dinner was great, and we all had a lot to talk about!  Then we had dessert, which was also great and they sent us home with some!  :)  And then it was the kid's bedtime and us adults moved to the living room and proceeded to chat until 11pm!  So, we definitely all have a lot in com mon, and had a great evening!  Next time we're going to play games and watch movies.  Fun! 

So, I think it's official.  We really do have friends here.  Like real friends, who actually exsist outside of said activities, etc.  :)  Yipee!  I already feel more at "home" here, just from that.  Except for the fact that no where other than Colorado will ever really, truly be "home" to either one of us.....

Anyway, I was stoked so I had to blog about it!! :)  Hope everyone's weekends are coming to a nice close.

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