Saturday, October 2, 2010

Music is my favorite.

So, this morning we went to the farmer's market and got some great finds.  Anyway, there are a lot of run random things there...and today this was one of them...."Another Roadside Attraction" is their name.  And they were pretty good.  Okay, pretty great really.  I think it was mostly the fact that they were completely acoustic (and made it sound good!) and that the lead singer dude (on the right) not only played an old school acoustic bass guitar, but this saw blade.

But yep the musician in me cried a little each time the poor bow went across the saw blade might even be able to see the poor bow falling apart as he played....   :'(

Anyway, it was cool though, and I sure had never seen anything like that.  I guess my hubby had though, still sweet though huh?!?  :)

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