Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Keep on, keeping on...

So, hope the weather's ok where you are.  It's been rather crazy this week across a pretty big hunk of the country.  :/  Including, but certainly not limited to, North Carolina.  Right now we have another Tornado Watch until 9pm.  I guess I don't mind those so much....just when it gets to Tornado Warnings that I get rather on edge.  Anyway, hope y'all are staying warm, dry and safe!  :)

Well, last night I finally broke down and ordered a SparkleSkirt!!  :)  I just got an email from them saying they just shipping it this morning too!!!  So, I should have it soon!! I just can't wait to see what it looks like!!!  Also can't wait to run in it and, of course eventually, race in it!!!  :) 

Magenta fabric for
J has been going to a conference this week.  It started yesterday, is all day today and then ends tomorrow afternoon. It's in this area, so he's been coming home as usual.  I guess that's one of the added bonuses of living in this area of NC, where there are 3 major Universities and numerous other ones all within a 1/2 hour or so!  :)
 The Pastor of our Church just came over last night to talk to us.  We had a really nice visit and we all got to know each other better.  It's so nice to be going to a Church where the Pastor wants to get to know us, and actually can too!  :)  Oh, and I think I mentioned that we joined the Church Choir a month or so ago.  Anyway, I'm actually going to be in an ensemble in a few weeks, and have the solo for the ensemble piece too!!  Cool huh?  It's so nice that we found a great Church where we've been able to learn from the sermons, connect with people and get involved in ministry already!  So many answered prayers. :)

Treats and sweet tea (and our cat) all ready for the Pastor's visit....

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