Saturday, October 16, 2010

I think it's finally just about fall here!!!

Hello Fall!!!  :)  We went for a great run this morning, and finally saw some leaves that are changing colors!!!  Yea!!!  We didn't realize that the leaves would take this long to start turning here....but that's just fine because I'm sure it's going to be just gorgeous when they all finally do!! :) 

We went running on the "American Tobacco Trail" and it was just fantastic!  This trail has miles and miles of trails, and I think most of it is paved!  (At least the part we were on was...)  Anyway, it's also great that there were a lot of people out using it!  Some were running, jogging, walking, strolling, talking and biking.  It was so cute.  :)  It's mostly nestled in trees and it's just the greatest trail ever really....but I suppose I am partial.  ;)  Regardless, we loved the trail, and I think we'll be using it a lot more, now that we know it's that great!!!

So, we are well on our way to our goal for our November 5k, and I just found this great training plan this week!  I wish I'd found it two weeks ago....but life's not perfect, so I just started in week two once we did find it!  It's a great training program that is basically all about interval training!  You can find the whole article here, and I'll paste a portion below.
So, today we were supposed to run 3.5 miles, which is 5.6K.  I figured out the route we would take and we did it without a hitch!  Great huh?!?!?  That's WAY, way, way farther than we've gone before in our training and this went fine!  So encouraging.  Anyway, we actually ended up going a little over 4 miles because it was all going so well.  Then we ended it with some coffee from Starbucks, which is always great right?!?!  :) 

I didn't get much feedback about the skirt I had put on here the other if you have an opinion, please speak up!  I'd love to hear it!  :)  Otherwise, I think I am going to get one, because I've looked around town and can't find any other running skirts I like or that are in my somewhat price range.  I just like the idea of being able to look cute and feminine while I am racing and getting hot and sweaty.  Somehow that just makes it more bearable!  ;)

Oh!!!!  I didn't even mention that it really is official!!!  We are all registered for the 5k we are running and we really can't wait.  Ok, maybe we can...I think we need some more conditioning until we can really do it well!  :)  But still, we are stoked to be all ready to go out there and run our little hearts out!  :)

Hope everyone is doing well.  :)  And I apologize for all the posts that are mostly just containing info on our won't be like this for long.  I do want to keep you updated on our lives though, and this is definitely a part of it right now.  (And potentially forever because we'd like to do more of these!)  Happy weekend!!!

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