Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Praise the Lord!  Already 17 of the 33 trapped miners in Chile have been rescued!!  It's such an amazing story!  So after the 33 men were trapped nearly a half mile below the surface for 69 days, they are reuniting with their loved ones.  Such a nice ending to a tragic last 69 days!  I'm still praying the last 16 will get out safely as well.

J has been having a great week.  He got to meet the Dean of his department and he also got to meet a visiting Professor this week.  (I can't remember where that Prof. was from.)  Anyway, he's also gotten to do more work on his setup that he started a couple of weeks ago. 

I still think about that girl in my post yesterday.  And those like her.  Such sad stories...  with such sad endings...  Still praying.

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