Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall fun

Hello!  Hope everyone is having a great October weekend! :)  We are!  To kick off the weekend we attended "Postdoctober fest" at J's work.  So cute huh?  It was just for all the Post Docs and their fams.  They served hotdogs, veggie dogs, chips, slaw and beer. 

Funny I wanted a veggie dog, and J wanted a beef hotdog.  So we picked up one of each because we couldn't tell which was which.  Then he took a bite of his and though it was the veggie, so we swapped.  Then after we're about halfway through with our dogs, we both realize that I was eating the beef one and he was eating the veggie....LOL...Mine was ok, but I would have rather had the veggie one....but we couldn't very well switch at that point because someboday had to smother his with all the hot things he could he had to eat the rest of his veggie one.  Not gonna lie.  I thought that was quite hilarious.  Yep, I'm still laughing a bit inside.  ;)  Anyway, don't worry, he didn't really mind it (Plus probably couldn't taste it through all that spiciness) and we got him a beef one after that.

Ok, so the "fest" wasn't quite as cool as I thought it might be...but it was a free meal, J got a free shirt and there was some good music!  Here's a pic of the band.
So, after we were done eating and enjoying the festivities, J took me on a little tour of some more of the campus.  As we were walking I saw this....and I'm the nerd who had to take a pic.  ;)
I also saw this when we were walking, and had to capture...the quite possible most gorgeous tree I'd ever seen.  :)  (And no, our leaves haven't even started changing that's why I am taking pics of other beautiful trees I see....since....there's no trace of fall even being here....) 
After the mini tour of campus, we headed to "Life as we know it" that just came out last night!  It was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wow, ok, maybe I put a few too many of these: !!! was great.  We laughed.  We cried.  J's arm was around me.  It was great!  :)  Oh, and I love Katherine Heigl which helps.  Such a cute movie though.  Check it out.

Then today we started the day with a run that just happened to end at Starbucks.  ;)  So, we naturally had to get some coffee, and then walked back home.  It was great.  :)  Then we went on with a rather normal Saturday around here.  Translated into:  J working furiously on his papers from his old job while I cook/bake/etc a storm in the kitchen!  :) 

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