Thursday, October 28, 2010


Well, I tried to blog about this in a post a couple of weeks ago...I had titled it "Health" because I was going to do an update on that subject. Then I posted it and chickened out, about being truly that I deleted that part of the post and reposted it. So, I guess there is a chance that some of you may have had the opportunity to read the first version of that post....but it's pretty unlikely.

As you know it's been hard for me to write about things other than butterflies and know, I like to think that I have it all together and everything is going fine. And for the most part, that is true. But not always true....this is still harder to talk about.... It's not about the news. It's not even something about my hubby. It's about me. And only me. My heart is racing so much just thinking about writing this on here. But the thing is....that if you know about this you can keep me in your prayers. Plus, it'll be me actually, really, truly being real with you. That it goes... (Still easier said than done....)

I've been having chronic headaches for the last few years. I guess that's no big secret, especially because I know a lot of people get headaches a lot. But for the last year or so, these have been really bad and very chronic headaches. Like, 5 out of 7 days a week headaches...that are mostly migraines. Anyway, I've gone to the Dr. before about my headaches and they basically just wrote it off... So, when I was meeting with my new Primary Care Physician here in NC, I talked with him about the headaches.

While they could be something to do with dietary habits, etc...he thinks there is a possibility it could be something more. So, he's having me get an MRI of my brain next week. And on a less serious note, he's also having me get my eyes checked--and I have an appt for that next week too. So....I suppose by the end of next week or so, we should have some answers...and know something! (hopefully)

As far as the whole MRI things least we live in this great area with tons of Medical experts and everything, with lots of technology around. But...I'm still rather nervous about it. I don't know if it's a regular old fashioned MRI, or a new open MRI or that short Bore MRI they make now either... I am hoping it's an open one or the short bore because they seem a little less nerve racking... Either way, I know it'll go fine, and hopefully give us all some answers. It's just kind of crazy though...yep....heart still pounding by the way.

While it's probably something like dietary habits or my eyesight or's just crazy (or more like scary) to think that it really could be something more serious. I could let my imagination go on this one...but I'm trying not to. The bad possibilities are endless really....but no matter the way it turns out, I need to be (and am) confident that God will give me the strength to get through it. It's a great thing that I have a loving and caring hubby to support me through all this. As well as a great Mom, I can talk to and can support me!

So, all that said....I'd like to as for some prayers please. :) Thanks. I'll let you know as soon as I find something out too.  (Wow...sorry this ended up being a really long post...thanks for reading.)


  1. I think those sound like two (three really) very good approaches to get to the root of the problem! Surely something is triggering it.

    If it's your eyes, piece of cake! If it's your diet (i.e.gluten allergy?) well than -no more cake! :) And if it is something other than that, one day at a time.

    Deal with today and pray for always. My prayers are with you along with tons of good vibes!


  2. You are in my prayers...always...but especially now!!! Love you!!

  3. Praying they'll find an easy fix to your headaches.