Monday, October 4, 2010


Hey!  I meant to write about this yesterday and forgot!  So, here it is.  J and I are training for our first 5K!  We're planning on doing it in November.  So, this is our day 2 of training.  :)

Running pic
Anyway, we went 1.6 miles yesterday but couldn't quite run it all.  So, that's our starting point.  Sad I know... especially since we moved from high altitude and it should be much easier for us to run down here...Everyone needs a starting point though right?!?!?!  So that's ours!  :)  We didn't get a run in tonight because we're getting ready for the State Fair coming up soon!  (I'll blog that more later, promise.)  Tomorrow we already have a course calculated out near our home though.  So, we are well on our way to being fit, healthy and happy!  :)

Anyway, I've heard good things from "couch to 5k" I guess that's kind of what we are doing...only I've never seen any literature about that.  I suppose I will go google that now.

In the meanwhile (between now and our 5k) please encourage us to keep with it!  It's good we're doing this together, but I imagine we'll need extra encouragement to stay at it!  It's great we have a goal set though.  Now we just need to stick to it!  :)


  1. Interesting. I was kind-of thinking of starting running & doing a 5K, but it's hard to start at my age and you need someone to do it with...

  2. That is interesting. Well, great minds think alike right? :)

    I wish I was there, and we could do it together. I guess we haven't lived in the same town for a while anyway though....

    I think it'd be great if you did it though! It's so nice you have a treadmill too--for those days that are too cold/snowy/rainy to go outside.