Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our pumpkin!

Well, I don't know about you...but we still like to carve a good ol' pumpkin each year!  (Ok, well...this is our third year as a married couple...and I don't see that ending anytime soon! :)  J usually makes the top and then scoops out the insides.  Tonight he even cleaned off the seeds for me to roast which was super helpful!  Then I did the carving.  (Well, for the most part...I did require some more'll probably understand why below....)  Good team effort though right?  That's why we are Team Jsquared!  ;)

So here she is....and just how we did it! 

Cookie cutter technique.
I found out about this technique last year in the Halloween issue of Better Homes and Gardens Mag.  Great idea huh?  :)  I really liked it...

Isn't it quite adorable?  We think so.... 

Happy Halloween!  :)


Colors and a walk in the park

So today we drove to the park where our 5k is going to be in a few weeks.  It's just a short drive from where we live, and it was such a beautiful drive to the's a view from the car. You can only see a glimpse of just how pretty it's becoming here from all the changing colors...but trust me.  It's pretty!  :)  In fact, this is when it's nice having SO many trees e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e! 
 Anyway, the course is nice and mostly flat.  Not that anything is actually flat around here...or anywhere really.  But it's a nice course that somewhat goes around a lake.  The path is paved and wide enough for 4 people most of the length.  The park was fairly busy today too with people rollerblading, biking, running, walking, speed walking, lounging, play baseball, etc....  We had a good run today too, which is good because we didn't quite get all our work outs in this week.  (We were gone 3 of the last 4 nights and busy 4 of the last 4.)  But today went well, and we're still improving so that's always good! 

Oh!!!!  And I got my SparkleSkirt in the mail yesterday and got to test it out today!  I wanted to make sure I had the right leggings to work with it while running.  Turns out it was good to test my leggings out...because they were I am going with another pair next time.  Anyway, I can't believe how fast I got my skirt, and it really is as adorable as it looked online!!!  :)
While we were running at the lake we noticed one woman stopping to look at something.  It turns out she was watching these turtles.  So we stopped for a few pics too.  Aren't they cute?!?!?

Beautiful changing colors, spending time with my sweet hubby and seeing fun little turtles really just made our run, a walk in the park!  So hopefully we'll be thinking that in a few weeks too! ! ;)

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Well, I tried to blog about this in a post a couple of weeks ago...I had titled it "Health" because I was going to do an update on that subject. Then I posted it and chickened out, about being truly that I deleted that part of the post and reposted it. So, I guess there is a chance that some of you may have had the opportunity to read the first version of that post....but it's pretty unlikely.

As you know it's been hard for me to write about things other than butterflies and know, I like to think that I have it all together and everything is going fine. And for the most part, that is true. But not always true....this is still harder to talk about.... It's not about the news. It's not even something about my hubby. It's about me. And only me. My heart is racing so much just thinking about writing this on here. But the thing is....that if you know about this you can keep me in your prayers. Plus, it'll be me actually, really, truly being real with you. That it goes... (Still easier said than done....)

I've been having chronic headaches for the last few years. I guess that's no big secret, especially because I know a lot of people get headaches a lot. But for the last year or so, these have been really bad and very chronic headaches. Like, 5 out of 7 days a week headaches...that are mostly migraines. Anyway, I've gone to the Dr. before about my headaches and they basically just wrote it off... So, when I was meeting with my new Primary Care Physician here in NC, I talked with him about the headaches.

While they could be something to do with dietary habits, etc...he thinks there is a possibility it could be something more. So, he's having me get an MRI of my brain next week. And on a less serious note, he's also having me get my eyes checked--and I have an appt for that next week too. So....I suppose by the end of next week or so, we should have some answers...and know something! (hopefully)

As far as the whole MRI things least we live in this great area with tons of Medical experts and everything, with lots of technology around. But...I'm still rather nervous about it. I don't know if it's a regular old fashioned MRI, or a new open MRI or that short Bore MRI they make now either... I am hoping it's an open one or the short bore because they seem a little less nerve racking... Either way, I know it'll go fine, and hopefully give us all some answers. It's just kind of crazy though...yep....heart still pounding by the way.

While it's probably something like dietary habits or my eyesight or's just crazy (or more like scary) to think that it really could be something more serious. I could let my imagination go on this one...but I'm trying not to. The bad possibilities are endless really....but no matter the way it turns out, I need to be (and am) confident that God will give me the strength to get through it. It's a great thing that I have a loving and caring hubby to support me through all this. As well as a great Mom, I can talk to and can support me!

So, all that said....I'd like to as for some prayers please. :) Thanks. I'll let you know as soon as I find something out too.  (Wow...sorry this ended up being a really long post...thanks for reading.)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Keep on, keeping on...

So, hope the weather's ok where you are.  It's been rather crazy this week across a pretty big hunk of the country.  :/  Including, but certainly not limited to, North Carolina.  Right now we have another Tornado Watch until 9pm.  I guess I don't mind those so much....just when it gets to Tornado Warnings that I get rather on edge.  Anyway, hope y'all are staying warm, dry and safe!  :)

Well, last night I finally broke down and ordered a SparkleSkirt!!  :)  I just got an email from them saying they just shipping it this morning too!!!  So, I should have it soon!! I just can't wait to see what it looks like!!!  Also can't wait to run in it and, of course eventually, race in it!!!  :) 

Magenta fabric for
J has been going to a conference this week.  It started yesterday, is all day today and then ends tomorrow afternoon. It's in this area, so he's been coming home as usual.  I guess that's one of the added bonuses of living in this area of NC, where there are 3 major Universities and numerous other ones all within a 1/2 hour or so!  :)
 The Pastor of our Church just came over last night to talk to us.  We had a really nice visit and we all got to know each other better.  It's so nice to be going to a Church where the Pastor wants to get to know us, and actually can too!  :)  Oh, and I think I mentioned that we joined the Church Choir a month or so ago.  Anyway, I'm actually going to be in an ensemble in a few weeks, and have the solo for the ensemble piece too!!  Cool huh?  It's so nice that we found a great Church where we've been able to learn from the sermons, connect with people and get involved in ministry already!  So many answered prayers. :)

Treats and sweet tea (and our cat) all ready for the Pastor's visit....

Monday, October 25, 2010

North Carolina State Fair: III

Check out part I here, and part II here of our weekend at the State Fair.

We got to go to the Darius Rucker concert on Saturday night!  It was fantastic!!  Seriously.  He's a great entertainer...but I guess that makes sense because he's been doing this for over 20 years!  :)  He even played some Hootie songs which was cool!  And of course he sang stuff from his solo country career!!  It was a sold out show, and a much smaller venue than a lot that J and I have been to before!!  It was great!!  I took a lot of pics so I could get some decent here's a few...  :)  

First song and sweet lighting.

Tap, tap, tap.

We could get up from our seats to try to get a better pic...turns out I had better luck with my zoom from my seat!  LOL  But here's one from closer to the stage.  :)

He made an effort to sing to everyone in the venue.  I love it when they do that!
Some cute music on the screens.  :)

Darius did two encores too!  Yep, you read it right....not one encore, but two!!  Cool huh?!?
We had such a great day at the fair, and this concert was an awesome end to it!!!  Turns out this was a record year for the state fair in NC too!!  There were over 1million people in attendance over the 10 days!  Wow!  That's a lot of people!  I'm so glad we got to go to a State Fair finally, and I'm glad we had a safe, fun and exciting time while we were there!!!  :)

Oh....and I didn't even mention that since it was SO busy on Saturday we had to park a couple miles away from the fairgrounds.  The lot (or actually it was a field) was free parking, and they also had a free shuttle to the grounds.  There were a lot of people who parked there, and subsequently had to wait in line for the shuttles, but it only took a half an hour to get to our shuttle and then it was a hop, skip and jump to the grounds.  Then we had a great day and hopped back on a shuttle to get back to our car.  And at 11pm or so we got home...and hardly had to deal with any traffic because we parked away from the fair!  So that was nice!  :)

North Carolina State Fair: II

We really had such a fun filled day at the fair.  There were over 150,000 people there on Saturday.  Do you realize that is more than twice the size of the town I grew up in?!?!?!  Yep.  Lots of people. 

There were so many things to see while we were there, that I can't possibly even really start to explain it.  I mean, it was such an experience.  So many different exhibits.  So many animals, award winning veggies/fruit, food, art...the list just goes on and on.  We had a great time even though we were quite overwhelmed from the whole thing!  So I will try to show some of what we saw.  :)
Yep, they really do fry everything in the south....even candy bars.  These actually looked quite tasty though.... but we didn't try them.  (They looked about like a corn dog, even on a stick!)
 Then they even had Krispy Kreme Burgers.  Yep, just like they sound.  Imagine two donuts with a patty, cheese, bacon and all the fixins in between.  Do you think that sounds good or gross?  J and I decided it just sounded unappealing....but definitely interesting!
 This was a new ride at the fair this year.  It's called the "Fighter" and looked pretty interesting.  I guess there are only a couple of these in the US, so it was a big deal to be at the fair.  It seemed to be pretty popular too....but we didn't end up riding anything.  (Too much else to do and see!)
 Here you can see a few more rides.  I love this pic.  
 Then there was this ride, it started out horizontal and end up like this--practically vertical!  There were WAY more screams coming from this one, than all the rest of the rides combined!  LOL!

 There was a whole building that featured people who do crafts from yesterday.  Most were in costume and working their respective crafts.  Like the pics above, where he is working with is floor loom.  Cool huh?  :) There were also people who braided rugs, made baskets, carved wood, built chairs, painted, made tops and more.  We really enjoyed this building in particular and found some stocking stuffers for our nieces and nephews.  :) 

There we lots of award winning animals and you know how much we love farm animals.  So we tried to see as many we could!  Here are some highlights.  :)
 A Brahman calf.  Isn't she cute?!?!?!  So majestic!  And I just love the floppy ears and silver color!!!  I love cows.  :)
 Mini donkeys.  Aw...and babies.
 We got to see a goat show at the Exhibition Building too!

It wasn't all just fun and games.  There were also a lot of educational parts of the this car below.
 Was that text really that important?  and Dead End sure made impressions on us.  Hope teens and other drivers got the message too.
 A Sweet helicopter was there too.  Also a mobile command center, and some older sweet patrol cars.
 Here was my pic on display.  Unfortately I didn't place or get an honorable mention at the fair.  I'm still glad that I entered though.  There were a lot of entries, and a lot of great ones.  J and I weren't huge fans of the winners though.  Especially the blue ribbon winner of the Professional category....I guess we just didn't get what was so great about it.  But there certainly was a lot of great talent on display there, and it was a good experience.  Maybe next year?  :)

Next I will post about who we got to see in concert at the fair!!!  :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

North Carolina State Fair

Howdy!  I think I will break up my post about our trip to the State Fair because I have that many pictures and that much to say about it!  :)  We had a great time yesterday and spent about 12 hours naturally, there's a lot to tell!  It was such a great experience, and interesting time because this was our first State Fair ever!  Colorado's State Fair is held down in Pueblo, which is far from where we lived.  So it's nice that the NC State Fair is in the Capital--which also just so happens to be in the center of the state!  :)

Here's a few pic to get this started....

 A Bluegrass stage with entertainment throughout the fair.
 Some of the Master Gardens...notice the surfer dude hanging in the trees.
 More of the garden.  I love this flower "tree".  :)
 The first and second place gourd winners.
 Isn't this a cook way to carve your squash?!?!  Love it...especially all the Santas.
The award winning pumpkins. Sweet?  The 1st place winner was 369lbs.  Wow.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Nothing says I love you like

new shoes.  ;)  Ok...just kidding...but it is a good start right?  :) 
J and I did our walk in the mall tonight because it was super dark out...  Anyway, we found some new running shoes for me--on sale (about 50% off) -- at Penney's.  (love that store!)  And yes, these pics I have been taking haven't done justice to our old shoes because the flash...but believe me, the shoes on the right are very wore out especially in the midsole--which is the important part for running. 

My new shoes are Asics and are so cute and on the left.  So I can't wait to do some running in them this weekend!  :)  I think my shins and knees will be thanking me.

And for the record, I've gotten over the whole "self check" incident from earlier today.  Thanks to a couple of people in my life who could give me a good laugh over it. :)  Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 

Self Check

Are you familiar with them?  The lanes at the supermarkets, etc...where you can *supposedly* check yourself out.  Well, today when I went to the store to pick up a few items I thought it would be quicker to just go to a self check.  There were a couple of other regular lanes open, but they both had people in I went on to the self check. 

I'm well on my way of checking out my total of 5 items, when the checker who oversees these said "Self Check" stations tries to help me along (when I didn't need any help) and he ended up making it take way longer than it should have....  :( I'll explain how....

I had some bananas and a lemon to check out as my last items, and they both already had stickers on them with the item numbers.  So, just as I start entering the numbers he jumps behind me and then presses them in for the bananas.  Ok...that was weird.  So I proceeded with my lemon and apparently he could do it with his little magic checker machine in his hand...(but I didn't know that he was doing that) and I went ahead and entered it in the machine.  So it came up twice and he comes over and has to remove one of them. 

....Now, why????? on earth, couldn't he just let me do the self check, by myself?!?!  I'm fully capable.  In fact, I've even done it several (well more than several) times before without a hitch.  Why, why, why did he have to "help" me, and end up actually just giving me a headache???!!!? 

I know this probably sounds petty and I should just get over it, but really?????  Do I look incapable?  Stupid?  or something else?  Or was that his way of trying to flirt??  weird.....just. so. weird.  And NOT helpful.  :(

Ok....I think I am done ranting for now....  There is certainly one thing for sure, and that is that I am going to just go to regular check out lanes from now on.  Well, at least at that store...or when that weirdo is working!  :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tomorrow is a new day

True.  But then again, so was today!  :)  Anyway, did I mention that I think fall is really here?!?!?!  And it's just gorgeous?!?!?  Definitley my favorite season here (so far at least)!  I somehow haven't gotten a single pic of the changing colors though.  And although it really doesn't (and simply can't) compare with Colorado's fall colors, esepcially in the sure is pretty.  :)

All the maple leaves are turning into beautiful shades of red and orange, and when the sun shines on them, it's like a firey delight!  I was driving down one windy road (I still act as if that's not the way they all are here...hehe) with trees (Large, Large trees!) densly on each side and was truly amazed at the beauty.  It was around 9:00 in the morning and the sun was just shining rays of its light through the trees and their was breath taking.  Well, for a second, and then I got back to driving.  I thought you'd appreciate it more if I could write about it instead of getting in an accident over it....  :)

J had this awesome opportunity to take a writing seminar for a few weeks, and the first session was today.  He really enjoyed it too!  It turns out that it is really useful info on communicating in everyday life as well as the workplace.  So, he's eager to learn more, and he's been sharing useful things he learned today, with me this evening!  Fun!  :)  Don't you love learning new and useful things?!?

Now for random....(yes, I know I put a lot of random things up here... it's all part of the reason why you love me though right?!?!?!)...a picture I captured of some random ladies rather recently.  Don't know why.  But I love it.  I don't know either of them.  I don't even know what they were talking about.  But, it's a moment, in time.  In fact, it's one moment in time...  ;)  Plus, little old ladies are just cute huh?!?!  :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shoes and shine

Well, J needed some new shoes for running...and finally agreed to getting some!!  :)  We got a great deal at Kohl's -- love that place!!!  You can see his new ones on the left, and old ones on the right.  I am surprised his old ones look that good in this pick.  He admitted that they are at least 5 years old, and I noticed that they aren't even his shoe size!  Ok, they are only a half size off...but still!  Poor guy...  So, now he has some bright and shiny new ones to show off!  Now he thinks I need some new ones too....which is probably hopefully we can find a good deal on some for me soon too!  :)

Things are going well here.  J is still busy with work.  Oh!  And he just turned in one of those two papers he's been working on from his previous job!  So that's great!  Now he just has to work on that other one, and I'm sure he'll get it done soon.  Then I will get my hubby back!! :) 

I'm doing well, and staying busy.  If you didn't already know, I just got an actual domain for my foodie blog a few weeks ago, so it's taking off pretty well too!!!  :)  We are still loving our Church and getting to sing with a Choir again.  I get to sing in an ensemble in a few weeks too, which will be fun!  :) 

The weather has been mostly unseasonably warm, but still fall-like in the evenings, which has been nice.  Today it's only about 70 here today which is seasonal, and rainy which is a nice change though too.  We are still enjoying our new place and the extra space--and of course Cinderella is too! ;)

Ok, that's all I have for now!  Hope you are doing well!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Team Shirts

Alright, you caught me...I think I said I wasn't going to be writing much more about running and our training...well....I am today though!  I just made our matching shirts last night!  I kept debating about how I wanted them to look, and how I wanted to do them....and after searching all over stores for the right things, this is what I came up with:  2 white shirts, Teal Rit Dye, Black (Ebony) Soft (and Matte) fabric paint and stencils.  Sounds rather anticlimatic I feel...but they turned out pretty well--we think!  :)  Next time I think I will try the iron on transfer papers you can print on though....

Anyway, here are some pics of the process....
First I dyed the shirts with that Teal Rit dye, and I did it in my sink.  This is the color they turned out as...and I think I love them!  :)
After I washed and dried the shirts after dyeing them, I placed a piece of cardboard where I wanted to paint.
With the cardboard in place I placed the stencil on the shirt and taped it into place.  Then I painted those stencils, and removed them promptly and carefully. :)  Then I let that dry for 4 hours while it was flat.
After the front dried, I stenciled the back the same way on each shirt.  Here's the final product above!  The left is a pic of the back and the Jsquared is on the left front. 
 While I realize they are not the cutest shirts ever, or even the most quality or creative...(the list goes on as to what they aren't.)  But I love them, and so does J!  They are our team shirts, and although no perfect (paint + stencils on a shirt = not going to ever be perfect) we'll wear them proud!  They are our shirts! least for our first race...then I may have to invest in some of that printable iron on paper.... ;) 

Either way, they are done, a pretty color, matching and ours.  :)  Oh, and definitely no one else will be matching us!!!  haha!  :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I think it's finally just about fall here!!!

Hello Fall!!!  :)  We went for a great run this morning, and finally saw some leaves that are changing colors!!!  Yea!!!  We didn't realize that the leaves would take this long to start turning here....but that's just fine because I'm sure it's going to be just gorgeous when they all finally do!! :) 

We went running on the "American Tobacco Trail" and it was just fantastic!  This trail has miles and miles of trails, and I think most of it is paved!  (At least the part we were on was...)  Anyway, it's also great that there were a lot of people out using it!  Some were running, jogging, walking, strolling, talking and biking.  It was so cute.  :)  It's mostly nestled in trees and it's just the greatest trail ever really....but I suppose I am partial.  ;)  Regardless, we loved the trail, and I think we'll be using it a lot more, now that we know it's that great!!!

So, we are well on our way to our goal for our November 5k, and I just found this great training plan this week!  I wish I'd found it two weeks ago....but life's not perfect, so I just started in week two once we did find it!  It's a great training program that is basically all about interval training!  You can find the whole article here, and I'll paste a portion below.
So, today we were supposed to run 3.5 miles, which is 5.6K.  I figured out the route we would take and we did it without a hitch!  Great huh?!?!?  That's WAY, way, way farther than we've gone before in our training and this went fine!  So encouraging.  Anyway, we actually ended up going a little over 4 miles because it was all going so well.  Then we ended it with some coffee from Starbucks, which is always great right?!?!  :) 

I didn't get much feedback about the skirt I had put on here the other if you have an opinion, please speak up!  I'd love to hear it!  :)  Otherwise, I think I am going to get one, because I've looked around town and can't find any other running skirts I like or that are in my somewhat price range.  I just like the idea of being able to look cute and feminine while I am racing and getting hot and sweaty.  Somehow that just makes it more bearable!  ;)

Oh!!!!  I didn't even mention that it really is official!!!  We are all registered for the 5k we are running and we really can't wait.  Ok, maybe we can...I think we need some more conditioning until we can really do it well!  :)  But still, we are stoked to be all ready to go out there and run our little hearts out!  :)

Hope everyone is doing well.  :)  And I apologize for all the posts that are mostly just containing info on our won't be like this for long.  I do want to keep you updated on our lives though, and this is definitely a part of it right now.  (And potentially forever because we'd like to do more of these!)  Happy weekend!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Well, J and I are a week and a half into our training for our 5k and still going.  :)  We're actually getting really excited for it too!  So, I got a great idea today, to make us shirts for the big day! (that we could also wear for other races, should we choose to do more....)  They'll say "Team J2".  (As in Jsquared, not Jtwo.)  Cute huh?  I was also thinking of making some sort of logo or something...  :) 

And, I am thinking of getting a Sparkle Skirt for the big day too.  Here's the link...what do you think?!?!  There is another company that makes a similar one, but this one has a wicking wasteband AND a pocket in the wasteband while that other one doesn't.  Plus, I would get the Magenta one which helps support breast cancer research, and that just so happens to be one of my very favorite colors ever!  :) 
Sparkle Skirts: Magenta, Royal Blue and Turquoise
Don't we all need a little sparkle in our lives?!?!  And I thought it would be super cute, fun and girly for the day.  In addition to being more encouragement for our goal too!  :)  What do you think?!? 

Oh, and we ate at Moe's Southwestern Grill tonight with some friends from our Church.  It was our first time there and it was great.  Kind of like Qdoba and Chipotle style with burritos, etc...but everything was much more southwestern, instead of mexican.  Good stuff!  (although I think I am still partial to Chipotle)  We all went there for a funraiser for our Church's youth group Misssions trip, so it was fun to see a lot of people there that we know.  Moe's is donating 25% of pretty much all their sales tonight to the Missions trip, pretty sweet huh?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Praise the Lord!  Already 17 of the 33 trapped miners in Chile have been rescued!!  It's such an amazing story!  So after the 33 men were trapped nearly a half mile below the surface for 69 days, they are reuniting with their loved ones.  Such a nice ending to a tragic last 69 days!  I'm still praying the last 16 will get out safely as well.

J has been having a great week.  He got to meet the Dean of his department and he also got to meet a visiting Professor this week.  (I can't remember where that Prof. was from.)  Anyway, he's also gotten to do more work on his setup that he started a couple of weeks ago. 

I still think about that girl in my post yesterday.  And those like her.  Such sad stories...  with such sad endings...  Still praying.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Well, I was looking forward to writing an upbeat post about our lives today.  But, with some breaking news that is happening in North Carolina I find it hard to write as if life were normal. 

We're doing great.  I realize I am not as thankful as I should be though.  We're healthy.  Even though I don't have a job, we're making ends meet somehow.  We live in a good neighborhood, have a nice place to call "home" and always have food to put on the table.  We have a great family, and even though most of them are far away, we know that they are only a phone call away. 

I guess, I'm spoiled.  I've always had more than enough food.  I've always had shelter, lots of love and people around to protect me.

I guess I really have taken it for granted.  Maybe I was thinking that everyone has it so good or something.

But the reality of it is...that not everyone is so well off.  Some people don't have somewhere to live.  Some have to choose which bill gets paid this month.  Some don't even have anyone who know they exsist. 

And some, some have people they call family and...bad things happen.  I mean, some people aren't safe at home with their "so called" family.  It's just so sad.  I wish I could just adopt all those kids, and make them feel loved.

Have you heard about the case of the missing girl in NC?  Well, she was reported missing on Saturday....but as more details come out of the investigation the Amber Alert has been changed to a Homicide Investigation. 

This just saddens me. 

This poor little innocent 10 year old girl, who had her whole life ahead of her, is now not even considered missing, but dead.

How can people really be so cruel? And mean? And horrible?  I mean, I know that we live in a fallen world.  And I know that I am by no means perfect. just is so sad.  All I can do is pray.  So that's what I've been doing. 

Maybe they will somehow find her alive and well....and even if they don't, I just pray they find out who did this and justice is served.

I'm sorry this is not an uplifting post.  I just don't see a point in "putting on a happy face" and writing something happy...when that's not the way I feel right now.  I'm sad.  I'm thankful.  I'm contemplative.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

New friends :)

So, last night we had dinner at some of our new friends' house.  We'd only talked a little in person, but quite a bit through emails the last couple of weeks.  So, it was really nice to be able to sit down and spend an evening getting to know them!  Turns out, they don't live too far from us (always a plus) and they have two very sweet little kiddos. 

The man does all the cooking, and even though I'm confident the woman could do it, I can see why he does.  He's a great cook!  Dinner was great!  If my hubby cooked like that I think I'd have him do it all the time. be honest....J does cook very well....but he's only ever made me two or three meals ever...and I suppose that's partially because I love to cook and probably couldn't live without it....

Anyway, dinner was great, and we all had a lot to talk about!  Then we had dessert, which was also great and they sent us home with some!  :)  And then it was the kid's bedtime and us adults moved to the living room and proceeded to chat until 11pm!  So, we definitely all have a lot in com mon, and had a great evening!  Next time we're going to play games and watch movies.  Fun! 

So, I think it's official.  We really do have friends here.  Like real friends, who actually exsist outside of said activities, etc.  :)  Yipee!  I already feel more at "home" here, just from that.  Except for the fact that no where other than Colorado will ever really, truly be "home" to either one of us.....

Anyway, I was stoked so I had to blog about it!! :)  Hope everyone's weekends are coming to a nice close.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall fun

Hello!  Hope everyone is having a great October weekend! :)  We are!  To kick off the weekend we attended "Postdoctober fest" at J's work.  So cute huh?  It was just for all the Post Docs and their fams.  They served hotdogs, veggie dogs, chips, slaw and beer. 

Funny I wanted a veggie dog, and J wanted a beef hotdog.  So we picked up one of each because we couldn't tell which was which.  Then he took a bite of his and though it was the veggie, so we swapped.  Then after we're about halfway through with our dogs, we both realize that I was eating the beef one and he was eating the veggie....LOL...Mine was ok, but I would have rather had the veggie one....but we couldn't very well switch at that point because someboday had to smother his with all the hot things he could he had to eat the rest of his veggie one.  Not gonna lie.  I thought that was quite hilarious.  Yep, I'm still laughing a bit inside.  ;)  Anyway, don't worry, he didn't really mind it (Plus probably couldn't taste it through all that spiciness) and we got him a beef one after that.

Ok, so the "fest" wasn't quite as cool as I thought it might be...but it was a free meal, J got a free shirt and there was some good music!  Here's a pic of the band.
So, after we were done eating and enjoying the festivities, J took me on a little tour of some more of the campus.  As we were walking I saw this....and I'm the nerd who had to take a pic.  ;)
I also saw this when we were walking, and had to capture...the quite possible most gorgeous tree I'd ever seen.  :)  (And no, our leaves haven't even started changing that's why I am taking pics of other beautiful trees I see....since....there's no trace of fall even being here....) 
After the mini tour of campus, we headed to "Life as we know it" that just came out last night!  It was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wow, ok, maybe I put a few too many of these: !!! was great.  We laughed.  We cried.  J's arm was around me.  It was great!  :)  Oh, and I love Katherine Heigl which helps.  Such a cute movie though.  Check it out.

Then today we started the day with a run that just happened to end at Starbucks.  ;)  So, we naturally had to get some coffee, and then walked back home.  It was great.  :)  Then we went on with a rather normal Saturday around here.  Translated into:  J working furiously on his papers from his old job while I cook/bake/etc a storm in the kitchen!  :) 

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Photo

Last night we went for another run, and decided that we will master the 1.5 mile loop before uping it to the 2 mile one.  We shaved off some time, and we are well on our way to our 5k goal in November!  :)

This morning I went over to the State Fairgrounds to drop off my photo.  I entered it in the Photo competition at the State Fair!  I didn't realize that it would be a little harder to find that I thought...and so was parking.....  But I did run into (not literally) some nice people who directed me to the right place!

So, I decided to post my photo up here for you all to see.  Feel free to give me feedback, I would love to hear it!  :)
Sour Lake at Yellowstone National Park, WY

Happy Friday everyone!  Have a great weekend! :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Well, today was day 3 of our training for our 5k and we did pretty well.  I had mapped out a course to go hear our home, and we went out and made it all the way.  It was supposed to be right at 2 miles which was an improvement.

So, just as I was sitting down to write this update, I decided to double check the mileage of our course today...and it turns out it was just around 1.5 miles.  :(  I had apparently forgotten to take one turn and loop that I had seen last night that made it up to the 2 miles.  Oh well, there's always tomorrow right!?!?!  :)

Monday, October 4, 2010


Hey!  I meant to write about this yesterday and forgot!  So, here it is.  J and I are training for our first 5K!  We're planning on doing it in November.  So, this is our day 2 of training.  :)

Running pic
Anyway, we went 1.6 miles yesterday but couldn't quite run it all.  So, that's our starting point.  Sad I know... especially since we moved from high altitude and it should be much easier for us to run down here...Everyone needs a starting point though right?!?!?!  So that's ours!  :)  We didn't get a run in tonight because we're getting ready for the State Fair coming up soon!  (I'll blog that more later, promise.)  Tomorrow we already have a course calculated out near our home though.  So, we are well on our way to being fit, healthy and happy!  :)

Anyway, I've heard good things from "couch to 5k" I guess that's kind of what we are doing...only I've never seen any literature about that.  I suppose I will go google that now.

In the meanwhile (between now and our 5k) please encourage us to keep with it!  It's good we're doing this together, but I imagine we'll need extra encouragement to stay at it!  It's great we have a goal set though.  Now we just need to stick to it!  :)


J and I went to Target tonight....and we just found this hilarious.  So of course I had to document it with a photo!  :)  Ok, I'm not gonna lie....I still think it's hilarious!  hehehe

Anyway, we went to Choir practice for the first time at our Church last week, and got to sing with them on Sunday for the service!  Pretty sweet huh?  It's so nice to just be able to jump right into Ministry.  :)  Plus, the director is super nice, and was also classically trained--which is always a bonus!  This Church has really helped us to feel at home and we're continuing to make new friends which is nice.

Ok, watching DWTS right I'm going to leave this one as a short one.  Have a great week tho!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Music is my favorite.

So, this morning we went to the farmer's market and got some great finds.  Anyway, there are a lot of run random things there...and today this was one of them...."Another Roadside Attraction" is their name.  And they were pretty good.  Okay, pretty great really.  I think it was mostly the fact that they were completely acoustic (and made it sound good!) and that the lead singer dude (on the right) not only played an old school acoustic bass guitar, but this saw blade.

But yep the musician in me cried a little each time the poor bow went across the saw blade might even be able to see the poor bow falling apart as he played....   :'(

Anyway, it was cool though, and I sure had never seen anything like that.  I guess my hubby had though, still sweet though huh?!?  :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Unexpected Treasures

So, I picked up J from work tonight--not something completely out of the ordinary since we only have one car now.  Sometimes he takes it to work, sometimes I take him.  So, when I picked him up and as we were driving home he suggested we eat out, unless of course I had already made something at home.  Most of the time I already have something ready to go in the oven by that point, but since it was Friday I was going to make pizza adn it's a quick and easy meal, so I was just going to do it once we got home.  So, it worked out nicely for the spur of the moment dinner plans.  He asked where I'd like to go, and I remembered we had just gotten a coupon this week for Qdoba.

We decided on that and went to the Qdoba in Chapel Hill.  I got a free Quesadilla with teh coupon we had and J got the ancho chile (Mexican bbq sauce) burrito.  After a nice dinner (and super great deal of a dinner!) we walked the street some to look at some shops.  We found a super cute one with eco-friendly things that were also fair trade.  Then we went to Sugarland--this fabulous place I had found while searching for jobs.  They unfortunately aren't hiring, but they have fabulous cakes, pastries, coffee and gelato.  We splurged and split a big raspberry gelato that was very yummy.  (Truth be told, it was really busy and I ordered really fast.  So I just said "raspberry in the green one".  I had no idea what their sizing was, or even what the prices I just went with it.  Turns out it was the large, and large indeed it was.  And the pricetag showed it too...but it was a good deal...just a lot of gelato!)
Then we saw her.  A flower lady.  So Jesse bought me some flowers from her.  That's right, you read it right.  We saw a flower lady.  A real flower lady.  And she was beautiful.  Her skin was tired and wrinkled.  Her voice was hoarse and hard to understand.  But her eyes were full of hope and familiar.  Full of hope that she could brighten a strangers' life by selling them flowers.  Full of hope that one day she wouldn't have to sell anymore flowers.  Or something else.  Maybe it was full of hope that we would live a long and happy life.

Whatever it was that flower lady was thinking or feeling, I wish her the best.

She was beautiful and made my night.

You know, I think she actually made my whole week.

Maybe even my whole month.

Anyway, tonight was one of those unexpected treasures in life.  You know, those moments that you didn't expect and really cherish because they were perfect.  Little blessings from God.  Yep.  Tonight was definitely one of those nights.  A great date with my hubby, yummy food, great dessert and then meeting a flower lady.  :)