Saturday, September 18, 2010

Take me out to a playoff game! :)

One moment in time....

I suppose everyone does.  :)  Weekends are great though.  Fun things to do, not much of a schedule and lots of time with my hubster! :)

Last night we got to go to another Bulls game.  It was game #4 in the Governor's Cup Championship.  We got some great seats that we basically right behind home plate this time.  Even though the Bulls play a great game, they lost 13-2 though.  :(  Thus losing the chance for the cup, and their opponent the Columbus Clippers received the Governor's Cup right after the game ended.  

The awarding of the Governor's Cup to the Columbus Clippers.  (I know they weren't who we were rooting for, but I had to take a pic because they won the cup after all.)  :)

The Durham Bulls still had another great season this year!  We were happy to be able to go to a regular season game last month and a playoff game this month too!  How fun to have a great Minor League Baseball team so close to where we live, work and play!  :)

One of the Bulls pitchers working hard.

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