Sunday, September 26, 2010

Good news.

Hello!  :)

Anyway, we visited the same Church this week as we did last week, and I think we may have found our new Church home!  :)  Exciting huh?

We were impressed last week with the friendly people, sound doctrine and stellar preaching.  We got to meet the Pastor last week, and this morning he called us by name when we saw him!  I thought that was pretty sweet!  :)

Anyway, last week we just decided to try their service, and today we went to Sunday School in addition to the service.  They have a few Sunday School classes in our general age range, but really only one that we both fit into.  (Funny because we are 26 and I would think we'd be able to fit into a lot...cut offs are interesting tho, and no worries read on...)

I don't know about my sweetie, but I was a little overwhelmed walking into a room with 30 people this morning ranging in age from 22 to 40.  (Although, truth be told I think all of them were older than me at least.)  But they were all nice and inviting.  They are studying Revelation and the format of the class is discussion oriented and we seem to fit in just nicely.  :)  What a relief!

We made quick friends with a couple about our age (and also without kids in tow, which is becoming harder and harder to find at our ages) and we sat with them during the service.  After the service their was a Church-wide Potluck, and even though we didn't bring anything (we didn't know about it beforehand) we got to eat and have fellowship.  We spent most of the time getting to know our new found friends and had an enjoyable time.

We are so excited--and relieved--that we have hopefully, really, truly found a Church home here.  It's something that's been in our prayers since before we moved here, and it seems God revealed us this Church just at the right time!  Just as he always does with and perfect time!  :)

PS  We're not being unrealistic with this Church.  We know they aren't perfect, and no Church is, but we think that we've found a place that we can minister as well as be ministered to!  Praise the Lord!  :)


  1. I was always told, there is no such thing as the "perfect" church...because as soon as one person walks thru the door, it's no longer perfect. :)

    Glad to hear you found a Church home! That is awesome!

  2. I like you what you said! Very true. And thanks! We're really happy--we even went to Choir practice this week and found ourselves home there as well! :)