Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cinderellie, Cinderellie . . .

Our kitty cat's name is Cinderella, but we more often call her "Cinderellie" like from Disney's Cinderella.  :)  I'm not a crazy cat lady, or anything, but I am really fond of our sweet little cat.  (So is the Rocket Scientist.)   Anyway, she's so cute and protective of our place, it's great.  And also sometimes a little scary.  
Since she's an indoor cat (and we actually follow the law, unlike some people where we live) she spends her time playing with toy mice, napping, playing with ping pong balls, napping, scratching her post and napping.  Oh, she also eats when she feels like it and drinks quite a bit of water.  She lives quite the life really.  Who wouldn't want to play and nap all day long.  ;)  When she's not playing or napping, she likes to bird watch out any/all our windows and especially out the sliding door.  

Sometimes when she's bird watching another cat (or other animal like a squirrel) will come along and make themselves at home on our patio.  Cinderellie doesn't like that at all.  So, her hair stands up on end, puffs her tail up and hisses lunging at the door.  Sometimes she successfully scares the other animal away.  But she always, I mean always startles me.  You'd think I would be used to it but now...but no.  Every time it practically gives me a heart attack. (Picture me jumping, and screaming at the top of my lungs...)  

Anyway, it happened again just a few minutes ago.  In fact my heart it still racing from it.  I just wish that people would be responsible for their pets and follow the laws.  Then I'd have a  happy cat all the time, and no more almost heart attacks here...  Or at least if you're going to have your cat outside unattended keep them away from my place.  Please.  

Ok, done ranting for now....sorry.  It's just that we have such a sweet cat, and when other cats come around she gets so upset.  It's sad.  And a little frightening.

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