Sunday, August 15, 2010

Visiting Churches

Well, today we visited our first Church here in N.C. We would have visited one last Sunday, but it's kind of hard to find out service times when you don't have internet... Anyway, we tried a Baptist one that's just over a mile from our home. (We'd really like to go to a Church that's super close like that, but we above all want to go where we feel lead to serve and will be able to grow.)

Anyway, this one is much smaller than the Church we went to back in Colorado, but it was great. The people were nice, friendly and seemed happy to have us there. We actually met quite a few people and already started building relationships. J and I would still like to visit a few more Churches in the area to see where God wants us, but this is definitely a great start! :)

We're encouraged to find that people were so welcoming to us, because finding a Church home is an important and necessary thing for us while we are here! Praise the Lord! More details to come about our search of a Church home for us in North Carolina.

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