Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Move to North Carolina: Sightseeing

So, after all that moving, unloading and unpacking my parents joined us on a day trip out to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I say they joined us, but really we joined them... :) They rented a car for the day--which was nice because it gave us more comfort and visibility than we would have had in our Jeep. We were told it was about a 2.5 hour drive from our place to the beach. Maybe that is true...but it took us almost 4 hours to get to the Outer Banks...so...I think maybe someone pulled our leg. None the less, we started early and had a great day seeing the sights! :)

On Roanoke Island at the Visitor's Center for the Outer Banks. Super friendly people there...with cute southern accents. :)

We ate lunch at this AMAZING sandwich shop in Manteo on Roanoke Island in the Outer Banks. (The locals pronouce it "man-ee-oh"...so weird...) Anyway, J got a wonderful sandwich on rye bread called the "Sailor" with tons of meat including salami, some sort of bratwurst and something else I can't recall. My Mom and I each got a sandwich and then split them so we could try different things. My mom got a tuna salad sandwich and I got a Ruben on rye (of course). Both sandwiches were very good, but the Ruben was the best I think both of us had EVER had!! Nice rye bread, lots of corned beef and loaded with sauerkraut!! Yummy!! I can't wait to have another the next time we make it out there! :) Oh and my dad also got a tuna salad sandwich and enjoyed it too.

Do you know why Kitty Hawk is so famous? I know, you probably already know, but it's where the famous Wright brothers took their first successful flight in 1903!! So here's their memorial. I know, I'm putting quite a few pics, but it was really cool. (That and we had to pay to get in, so I feel like it's my duty to educate you all now...hehehe) :)

Wright Brothers Memorial on top of Kill Devil Hills in Kitty Hawk in the Outer Banks of NC.

Did I also mention it was a beautiful day?!?!?! Those skies were so pretty they almost made me think I was in Colorado. ;) Even though this has a beautiful spiral staircase inside, no one is allowed to go into it. I guess they built it as a fire lookout tower, in addition to the memorial, but then never used it as such.

Statues of Orville and Wilbur.

What their famous bi-plane looked like...

After visiting the memorial and getting some souvenirs from the Outer Banks, we ventured to the ocean. You can see my Rocket Scientist getting very wet in his regular shorts in the Atlantic ocean. We did bring suits along, but didn't change into them. I guess I thought we would just wade and not get wet...but it turned out my mom, J and I all got rather wet. :) I guess we all just love the ocean too much! Totally worth every ounce of being wet from ocean water though!

We were by the Avalon Fishing Pier (as you can see pictured above) and this was a great beach. Not too many people and just perfect water. :) Although...there were jellyfish. Lucky for us all, there were a couple of boys--maybe 7 and 10?--who were catching them and putting them in a bucket by their dad. My mom asked the dad what they were planning on doing with them, but he just said something like "fry them up for dinner" and then laughed. We don't think he was serious....but who knows....maybe he was! ;) I know they like their fried food down here.

Anyway, we had a great time at the beach and got to collect some sand and seashells. Then we had to head back to town for the night, but we first got to stop at a pretty sweet Antique Mall. It was large, but didn't quite have the nautical themed things my mom had hoped for. So we went on our merry way back to the mainland.

It was quickly approaching dinner time on our way back and we all were discussing where to stop to eat. We needed a quick dinner, on the road, in order to get the car back on time. So, that narrowed the options....then we just kept seeing (literally at every exited on the interstate) Bojangles. Inevitably we gave in to their "famous chicken and biscuits". I must say it was rather good too. :) I do love biscuits though...and chicken. Although their chicken strips were good, their coleslaw was quite a disappointment. Overall we had a great meal on the go though! And, we did make it back in time to return the car on time and all was good in the world.

We really did have a great day exploring the Outer Banks with my parents! Thanks for taking us with you!!! :) Next time, we'll have to spend the night though.

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