Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Move to North Carolina: Sightseeing II

So on Saturday my parents and I did some sightseeing around central North Carolina! We had a great time and got to see some great places. (Since we didn't have internet yet, and J was starting his new job on Monday he spent most of the day at a coffee shop.)
Here's the main house at historic "Stagville". It is an antebellum plantation and still has about 70 of the hundreds of acres it used to cover. We learned a lot from a video presentation. We had planned on taking the actual tour, but they were waiting to start it till a group showed up...but they never showed up. So we went on the self guided tour of the grounds.
A storage barn at the plantation. I just love all the green in this pic...
Side of the house at Stagville. Take note of the two chimneys. Also, notice the side closer to us has 1.5 stories and the rest is 2 stories. The 1.5 story portion was how the house was originally built and then they later added the 2 story section. Even though this is nothing like "Tara" or other antebellum plantations that come to mind, this sure was beautiful to go see. :)
Here's one of the two-story houses that slaves lived in at Stagville. Looks pretty but it's such a reminder of the not so pretty history of parts of the south.

After we visited Stagville we ventured on to the "Duke Homestead". There was a tobacco museum there too, which was interesting. Still makes me wonder who thought of smoking/chewing/etc. tobacco so many years ago.... (And why they thought it...and how it became one of America's most deadly past-times.)

Here's a Liberty Bell recreated out of tobacco leaves. Pretty cool huh?!?!
After we went through the museum we got to walk around the grounds on a self guided tour of the Duke homestead. We saw lots of buildings they used for tobacco production. Here's one of them below. Notice the sweet moss on the roof. My mom pointed that out to me while I was photographing something else, and I had to post it here because it looks so cool. :)
The house on the Duke homestead. Smaller than the one at the plantation, but still a very charming house.
Oil lamp that I captured through a window. :) Reminds me of home...
They even still had some tobacco growing at the homestead, so we could actually see what the live plant looks like. Although, I think they typically look better than they did that day at the homestead... Here's a tobacco plant below.
We really did have a great day visiting these historic places. :) We topped it off by having a late lunch at Char-Grill, which was a cute burger joint. Then we went back to our apartment to rest/make some progress on the place and meet up with J.

J and I took my parents out to dinner to "Maggiano's Little Italy" and wow, it was great! Have you ever been there?!?! They have this thing where you can get a meal to eat there, and literally one to take home. So, we have already gotten 3 more meals out of the leftovers from there and still have more in the freezer! And the food was F.a.N.t.A.s.T.i.C!!!! We all really enjoyed the food. The ambiance. The EVERYTHING! (Not yelling, just emphasizing!) :) We'll definitely be back...

Anyway, Saturday night was the last night my parents were with us. :( We so appreciated all of their help moving us across the country, and were sad to see them go. They left early Sunday morning to head up to visit with my sis (and her fam) in KY before flying back to CO.

Still can't believe we are in NC right now....happy and sad at the same time.

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