Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Move to North Carolina: Part V

So, we got to our apartment on Tuesday August 3rd. We saw some of the sights around town, ate some great pizza at Enzo's and then made a trip to Target to pick up a few things. Since it was around 9pm when we all (my parents, my hubby and me) got back to our apartment...we decided to sleep on the floor on towels, instead of digging out the mattresses from the moving truck. (Even though they were at the back of the truck, it would have been hard to get them out especially without waking all the neighbors.) So we all got to see just how comfy the carpet was in our place. And we all faired quite well I'd say. :)

So, Wednesday was spent unloading the truck into our apartment. I must admit that more things came out of the truck than we loaded in there....just kidding. ;) We got most of the truck unloaded and even some things put away (like setting up beds, and getting smaller things in order) by Wednesday evening. We finally came to a stopping point though, when there was basically no where else to set things inside our apartment. So we went out to a cute Italian restaurant for dinner on the North side of town (which is rather scary at night...).

So, Thursday my mom and I were organizing things and unpacking, while the guys unloaded the rest of the truck. I have to be honest here though. I worked that whole day, but not much of anything really got done by me. But my Mom managed to set up, arrange and unpack virtually EVERYTHING in our guest/my craft room! Thanks again Mom! It's been so nice to have at least one room in our place that looks like "home" and doesn't have boxes everywhere!! :)

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